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Mini disc watch

A watch that can aslo play mini mini discs
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(+4, -3)
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Wrist watch that can also power the playing of a mini mini disc with attached headphones.
gizmo, Jan 18 2002


thumbwax, Jan 18 2002

       Oh, no. Not another format.
Guncrazy, Jan 18 2002

       Wireless, or do you run the wire up your sleeve like children's mittens?
hello_c, Jan 18 2002

       gizmo: this is even more unfeasible than some of your other ideas, and less fun as well.
kaz, Jan 18 2002

       I was hoping this would get a good reaction
gizmo, Jan 19 2002

       Does anybody use mini discs anymore?
StarChaser, Jan 19 2002

       steacy: five Kylie songs, or only one Barry White number.
mcscotland, Jan 19 2002

       How about a compact cylinder watch?
Amishman35, Feb 16 2002


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