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iPod Shuffle randomness maximizer station
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Life is random. Wise words indeed, since life only developed thanks to randomness, or so some believe.

iPod Shuffles are not random enough for two reasons:

- you fill them with your own music library, - humans can not understand randomness anyway (just google the people complaining about the perceived non- randomness of their mathematically random shuffled playlists)

Solution: Shuffle randomiser. A simple device, available in two versions: 512Mb and 1024Mb. It consists of a rectangular tube, that holds about 20 iPod Shuffles. You can take one out of the bottom, after you have inserted one at the top. In essence: you get some other persons Shuffle.

An initial version can be deployed immediately in areas where one can be sure that you get: A) the same storage amount you inserted, B) an iPod Shuffle, not a stick of gum (even if it is 1024Mb gum, it's still gum) C) nothing if you don't insert an iPod Shuffle.

The first 20 people are out of luck; they will loose their iPod Shuffles. Hey: life is random. S**t happens. At the end of time, the lost Shuffles will be returned to humanity.

A more public version could be made to function by adding an intricate detection system that can discriminate between 512Mb and 1024Mb shuffles. I guess they will look exactly the same in an Xray and simply printing "1024Mb" on a 512Mb one is too easy. I suppose it would be best if Apple were to cooperate and make 1024Mb round and 512Mb square, or better; make a new 2048 version that is just slightly smaller and features a unique transponder. That way, if you ever, ever, get your own one back, the iPod Shuffle randomness maximizer station will beep and flash, to warn you of familiar territory.

The perceived randomness will be far richer than any unit can accomlish, shuffling solo. Add even more randomness, by swapping iPod Shuffle randomness maximizer stations from around the world.

One might even go so far as to leave out access to the music altogether and buy iPod Shuffles prefilled with your desired amount of whichever music from the iTMS.

Buis, Apr 12 2005


       Well, how will the shuffles be shuffled? we can throw them around in a bag, thats random, but thats dangerous. How will the stations be arranged? we could throw them around in a bag...   

       I don't like pink shuffles.   

       But I like exploring the ramifications of artificial randomness. [+]!... oh wait, this is entirely worthless... [-]. Fine, nothing.
daseva, Apr 12 2005

       I like my music, that's why I bought it. [-]
contracts, Apr 12 2005


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