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Minimess Brush

Paintbrush packaging idea
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See a paintbrush.

See a plastic-film tube the length of the brush plus a bit, and of a diameter to serve as a cuff over your hand and wrist.

See the lower end of the cuff stuck to the brush where the brush-fibres enter the handle.

See the cuff pulled inside out down over the fibres and closed there by a pull-apart seal and hanging hole for display.

See that the handle is clear but the fibres are enclosed so that the brush is now packaged for purchase by you.

See yourself about to paint and pulling apart the seal enabling you to pull the cuff back over your hand and wrist.

See yourself doing clean-hand painting, pulling the cuff when you've finished back down over the brush again. sealing the opening over the wet brush and hanging it up.

See the brush [with emulsion paints only] staying reuseable for a long time especially if you add a few drops of water before sealing.

rayfo, Jun 27 2001


       I'm not sure how the minimess part, or the unusual choice of diction are related, but a good idea nonetheless. Of course, this would only keep you clean for small, touch-uppy jobs, especially if you're clumsy like me.
nick_n_uit, Jun 27 2001

       This idea sounds so marvelous to me, that I can't believe it isn't baked. And the "see yourself" / "see the brush" diction is adorable and effective as far as I'm concerned. Up with the Minimess brush.
globaltourniquet, Jun 27 2001

       The whole thing seems a bit unwieldy. Why not just throw on a latex glove while painting? Make the cuff part very attractive, maybe with some sort of cartoon character design, and it might save a lot of clean-up time with children.
smizzou, Jun 27 2001

       I would like several of these for my wife, who consistently gets more paint on the brush handle and her hands than on the target surface. A baked good for the gentleman.
angel, Jun 28 2001

       I got the idea from watching dog-walkers using plastic bags pulled inside out to pick up droppings.   

       I dressed it up for the 'Bakery as a packaging system, but adapting it for home use, do this.   

       Put your hand in a plastic shopping bag. Rubber-band the open end to your arm.   

       Grab the brush handle from inside the bag and start painting.   

       When finished roll the band off and still holding the wet brush pull the bag down over it and let go the handle.   

       The brush is now in the bag.   

       So long as you're using water-thinnner paint the brush will stay wet for quite a while if you tie the top shut after adding a little water.
rayfo, Jun 28 2001

       Like it alot. Now just invent me something similar that stops me getting paint all over my head when I'm using a roller on the ceiling (and yes I've tried the 'cream cheese' paint, and wearing a plastic bag on my head)...
goff, Jun 29 2001

       aww, getting messy is half the fun!
badoingdoing, Jul 01 2001

       Excellent idea. Would you mind if i take that plastic bag and band idea and adapt it for handling hot foods? (not for the halfbakery, just for my kitchen).
MrKangaroo, Jul 01 2001

       This is a real find (I misread the title on the front page as "Mimeless Brush"). Excellent thinking. Take this roll!
The Military, Jul 02 2001

       Just wanted to churn this one to the top because it's such a fine idea.
calum, Jul 25 2002

       I wonder why I'm for it... promotes bad technique (ferrule should never get wet with paint) Hand will get sweaty. Hard to use spare fingers for holding on to ladder while adjusting grip/stance. If paint is dripping onto your hand you have a skills deficit and need to work on that. Once paint gets into the ferrule you are in a bad way.   

       I guess this is a fishbone swimming against the tide of pastry.
DadManWalking, Jan 26 2004

       See all the halfbaked painters!
nov8r, May 18 2005


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