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Laser-etchable silkscreen mesh

Oddly, does not seem to exist.
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A sheet of fine polymer mesh coated with a low-melt wax which is loaded with carbon black.

When scanned by a laser etcher, the wax in the target areas melts or vaporizes. This creates the "positive" areas for the screen.

The mesh itself is white, thus reflecing the laser energy, ensuring that only the wax melts - the mesh fibres are undamaged,

(Suggestions for a better category will be given due consideration)

8th of 7, Jan 05 2020


       It might be hard to clean for re-use. There are a number of simple photo/coat/expose/develop methods for getting images that act as stencils unto screens.
xenzag, Jan 05 2020

       This process gives better resolution; the print-to-transparency process (analagous to the photoresist ones) introduces artefacts and distortion.   

       The laser-direct process we are proposing is a one-step computer-to-screen system. No intermediate printing or transparency.
8th of 7, Jan 05 2020


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