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Mirror Mask

For sale immediately by special order only mirror masks.
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The scissors holder will use one rubber band and one shoebox, and one mirror to produce a mask that attaches and covers your face so that when you turn your head or your eyes towards the side you see the mirror and an image of yourself, a fine waxed nearly translucent page flaps in front of it. On this is a drawing of the person you are thinking about about. There is some more cardboard that extends over your eye that would block your vision except your other eye is uncovered so in effect you can see through through that covering. However, there is a drawing of that person you are thinking about that is distracting you by gesturing for you to look that way. These will only be produced for people with sore necks. Produce the simulation for yourself by placing one hand in your peripheral vision and the other in front of it to make a box. The mask is actually a book holder for special books that opens in front of your eye.
rcarty, Dec 25 2014


       surrealism art in words that should be in another medium.
wjt, Dec 27 2014


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