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Personal Safety Cage

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Made of kevlar in a see through mesh formation, it is shaped like a large dome that covers the exterior of your entire body with about a foot around your perimeter. It has wheels, so that you may move freely through the train station, supermarket, pool etc, with eye level and hand apertures so that you may buy sweets and shake hands with dignitaries.

If someone recognises you through the peephole, a quick twist of the cage will confuse them and you can trolley away discreetly behind a magazine rack or public sculpture.

benfrost, Aug 25 2005

Faraday suit http://www.srl.org/...n/preshow/fsuit.jpg
[ldischler, Aug 25 2005]

for [DrCurry] http://www.e.addr.c...xangello/110595.htm
sad [zeno, Aug 27 2005]


       And if someone topples you over and pours petrol/gas on you? Nothing's as safe in this modern world as a good pair of sneakers.
DrCurry, Aug 25 2005

       Great for safari parks,too.
squeak, Aug 25 2005

       Not sure how freely you could walk through the airports.
sleeka, Aug 25 2005

       Turnstiles would be problematic.
Texticle, Aug 25 2005

       So would simply walking down a sidewalk. We'd have to create seperate walkways for the bubble-people to use so they wouldn't shove us non-bubblers into traffic.   

       Also, not sure how safe you would be with a cage that had holes in it for your hands. Couldn't an assassin just walk up and shoot you through the hole, Lee Harvey Oswald style?   

       AWESOME link, [idischler]!
junglefish, Aug 25 2005

       [idischler]Ooh suave!
Dub, Aug 27 2005

       That's a great idea [Pa've] why don't you post it? Like: Everybody spends money on footwear instead of guns and the world is a better place! Would get mfd let's all, but what the hell!
zeno, Aug 28 2005


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