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Misc Water Features

gaggle of water features for parks/gardens
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a two-state statue of a figure sporting an opened umbrella...
- water flows from the bottom of the umbrella spike, seemingly coming from nowhere, and over the umbrella, OR
- water sprays from (hidden) nozzles inside the umbrella, dousing the bearer

"The Argument"
two figures variously spouting water and flame and [inspired by an anno from [daseva]) foaming at the mouth, at each other while other statues look on in annoyance

"The Watering Hole Table Tableau"
A startled passing waitress(tray of airborne drinks) pinched on the butt by a patron (drink in other hand is slopping over) because she ignored his friend's still raised hand (elbow in the process of knocking over his glass) to get another pitcher of beer to replace the one tipped over by the patron sleeping at the table...while a fourth sprays his drink from his mouth in laughter at the others.

"Overdone Clubbers"
face away from the public, streaming or spouting from various orifices

"The Wino",
pointing and laughing at "Clubbers" while water flows from the bottom of a pants leg.

Distracted Maitre'd with eyebrows raised (glaring at "The Wino" perhaps) doesn't notice the Chateau d'Eau he's pouring is overflowing the stone wineglass, table and shocked occupants jumping to their feet, knocking over the chairs.

FlyingToaster, May 28 2008

lest we forget... http://nyc.metblogs...2/peeing-statue.jpg
[xandram, May 28 2008]

Here's one I saw last year being sick http://www.flickr.c...-72157600556085334/
The one in the background is pissing. [theleopard, May 28 2008]

No hose http://farm1.static..._a43ea0d8b5.jpg?v=0
but close [calum, May 28 2008]

Dog, spot on http://www.brussels...-Pis/ZinnekePis.JPG
This is fun! [theleopard, May 28 2008]

Stochastic_20Dog_20Fountain [xenzag, May 28 2008]

with hose http://capitolmuseu...ent_rock_statue.gif
[xandram, May 28 2008]

A [daseva] list The_20_22I_27m_20fe...20crazy_22_20Button
Here's one. I agree by the way. Nothing of particular interest in the idea, even with the slew of baked suggestions having been edited out of it. [theleopard, May 29 2008]


       A bun for the toaster.
plynthe, May 28 2008

       The firefighter statue in calum's link looks like he's wet himself.
lostdog, May 28 2008

       [xenzag,xandram]: perfect, old new statuary deleted
FlyingToaster, May 28 2008

       I like the wino.
bungston, May 28 2008


       I don't really care how many of my annos you delete. It's petty time. Anyways, it's true that you can come very close to an mfd without actually getting there, and it's all dependent on how you write out the post. This is an artform, I believe, you are not fully experienced in as this is clearly a list, and not some focused idea for some kind of cool water fountain that looks like a person doing x (which would get mfd'd for being widely known to exist). How do you escape the evil mfd tag here? I would suggest making the fountians out to be some sort of alarm clock for sleeping bums on the street. Or include them in some very snooty non alcoholic bar of some sort. Or a fully alcoholic one, who knows. Perhaps outfit them with wheels and GPS and have them water the plants around the city...   

       But, just to list a bunch of half witted ideas and expect it to stick?   

       [marked-for-deletion] list.   

       btw, I have some not so well hidden list ideas in my inventory that you are welcome to decimate, but I bet I hid them better than you currently do.
daseva, May 29 2008

       [leopard] matter of personal taste I suppose, flights of the imagination to bring a giggle to passers-by (but if i re-incarnate as a statuer i'm gonna make "Rain")   

       // would suggest making the fountians out to be some sort of alarm clock for sleeping bums on the street//[daseva]
haw, my evil plan worked; now to collect these up and blogflog them as my own (insert "sarcastic" or "rolling of the eyes" smiley)... dude, more drugs or less drugs.
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008

       How's about a figure peeing on an electic fence?
plynthe, May 29 2008

       //electric fence// how would passers-by determine that the fence is electic ?
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008

       //how would passers-by determine that the fence is electic ?//
...why toasters would be flying!!
xandram, May 29 2008

       [admin: The definition of "list" in the help file is "list - the invention itself is intended as a parlour game to be played in its annotations. For example, everybody posts their favorite names, or whom they'd eat first if they were stuck with humanity on a desert island, or people write a story by each appending a single word."   

       Please post different inventions separately, so they can be discussed and voted on separately; but the author here seems to intend efficiency, not a game played in the annotations. So, no deletion.]
jutta, Jun 05 2008


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