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The "I'm feeling crazy" Button

Advanced websearch engineering
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This would be like Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button, but it would be a button which contained a slew of descriptors to choose from (Including "crazy", btw). Each descriptor would modify the search in some way.

For example, "lucky" takes you to the most relevant site regarding your search. "crazy" would take you to the least.

In efforts to eliminate a list, I will only show a few examples and leave it to your imaginations how any additional buttons might pan out.

I'm feeling:

intuitive -- displays a collage of website pages laying on a virtual table that you can mouse through. Very intuitive feel.

intrigued -- displays most relevant websites in random succession, eliminating control over the flow of data. Keep chasing that carrot, Mr. Intrigue.

enlightened -- displays relevant websites with fewest words per page, advertising, pictures, etc. Don't feed the meditators. I mean distract the bears. err..

habitual -- displays 10 most popular and most relevant websites in a numbered list. This is also the default search.

mysterious -- The most popular words and phrases from the most relevant websites are arranged in a chain letterish script and sentence structure, grammar, and context are included in AI programming to compile a document and have it sent to your email as a pdf six months from now.

indoctrinated -- all website results come from site servers outside the country in which you live.

There might be one or two others...

daseva, Mar 11 2008


       or inpenetrable
po, Mar 11 2008

       + *I'm feeling tired* could display a blank page.
xandram, Mar 11 2008

       An easy button for those hard searches.   

       I understand that there are algorithms that can process the sophistication of a given block of prose. One could have a slide bar stating what sort of prose one was up to reading. I am not sure such tools exist for nonEnglish languages, but I could see this as being useful both for those learning English, those who never learned it too well, and those who are in the mood for something more, or less.
bungston, Mar 12 2008

       -_- and *mine*s a list ? mine shows a range of "edge" artistry... yours is just semi-random thoughts in a bag.
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008


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