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Missed Disaster News

makes you realize it's not that bad after all
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A separate part of the news bulletin should be a Missed Disaster Report. Just show some of the daily just missed disasters like another day of no erruption of that active volcano, another day Bush didn't say anything stupid, another day a bullet missed this important person's head...

Will make it more relaxed to live, wouldn't it?

BartJan, May 30 2001

Nothing Happened http://www.montypyt.../scripts/melish.php
The Pythons got here first again. [DrBob, May 30 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I must confess I was rather hoping this idea would be a service which provides detailed reports on disaster news -- such as a particularly gruesome plane crash -- you've unfortunately missed due to a camping trip, incarceration, etc.
Dr Furtz, Jun 19 2001

       I think we'd obviously have to combine Dr Furtz's idea with that of BartJan. After all, there's not much point knowing that the volcano didn't erupt today if you can't check back and see how when it did erupt it killed 5000 people.   

       I mean, it's not exactly going to make you happy knowing that Tiddles the cat didn't get stuck in a tree today. Not unless you can watch footage of the fireman last month tempting it down with a saucer of whale-milk, and dropping his oxygen cannister on the neighbor's doggie.   

       And are you going to report how Tiddles didn't fall down a mine-shaft, didn't wander into the control room of a nuclear power plant, AND never strayed onto the set of Friends and urinated on David Schwimmer's lunch. I can see how Tiddles might like the "what-if?" re-enactments, but it's going to be a pretty narrow interest channel.   

       Plus, think of the contentment on moving into a neighbourhood or coming back from a holiday, watching the past terrors, and going - hey I missed 2 drive-by shootings, 4 double murders, 9 tsunamis and the supermarket running out of chocolate-based snackfoods. Or am I just a selfish bastard?
pottedstu, Sep 15 2001

       <Python> See the story of Ralph Aldous Mellish </Python>
DrBob, Sep 18 2001


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