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Scratch To See

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Use scratch card method to hide controversial images in publications. This would mean that those who didn't want to be offended at the sight of certain depictions would simply read the warning description, then not scratch away the surface to reveal the horror for them that lies beneath.
xenzag, Jan 15 2015

ROT-13 Encryptor & Decryptor http://www.decode.org/
[scad mientist, Jan 15 2015]


       [-] My response to this idea may be offensive to [xenzag] as well as any Halfbaker who holds [xenzag] in high regard. Therefore I have encoded it using a simple ROT13 "encryption". Please decrypt this only if you are willing to be offended.   

       Guvf vf na vaabingvir vqrn, ohg V qba'g guvax vg fbyirf nalguvat. V guvax crbcyr ner trarenyyl zber bssraqrq ol gur snpg gung bgure crbcyr ner ivrjvat n qrsnzngbel fgngrzrag be vzntr guna gurl ner bs yrneavat gur rknpg pbagrag bs gung zrffntr gurzfryirf. Guvf naabgngvba vf zrnag gb or fbzrjung bs n grfg bs guvf vqrn. 1) Qvq nalbar obgure gb qrpelcg guvf zrffntr? 2) Ubj qvq lbh srry orsber qrpelcgvat guvf zrffntr? 3) Ubj qb lbh srry abj? 4) Jbhyq vg unir znqr n qvssrerapr vs gur zrffntr jnf npghnyyl uvtuyl qrebtngbel naq/be vs V jrer jryy xabja sbe znxvat qrebtngbel fgngrzragf.
scad mientist, Jan 15 2015

       Please encrypt any replies to my annotation in ROT13 as well if they may be offensive to avoid hurting [xenzag]'s feelings.
scad mientist, Jan 15 2015

       1) Qvq nalbar obgure gb qrpelcg guvf zrffntr?   

RayfordSteele, Jan 15 2015

       Whfg bhg bs phevbfvgl, vf vg cbffvoyr gb qrivfr n zrffntr juvpu vf vagryyvtvoyr obgu orsber naq nsgre EBG13-vat vg?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2015

       Vg'f vzcbffvoyr - one bar.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2015

       Irel tbbq, [ZnkjryyOhpunana]. Gurer zhfg or bguref.   

       V jbaqre ubj dhvpxyl bar pbhyq yrnea gb ernq guvf fghss syhragyl?
pocmloc, Jan 15 2015

       Rail & vex, green terra!
Ant, irk nag; nag, irk ant -
Or abjurer be
pocmloc, Jan 15 2015

       V jnf pbeerpg va nffhzvat fbzrobql unq jevggra n jro-onfrq ebg13 ra/qrpbqre.   

       Nf n obahf, V jvyy abj guvax bs ZnkjryyOhpunana nf Mvaxwreel Bu Chanan (zber be yrff).
FlyingToaster, Jan 15 2015

       [cbpzybp] - Njrfbzr!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2015

       V jnfa'g n sna bs guvf vqrn, hagvy V ernq fpnq'f gubhtugshy pbzzrag - sbe fbzr ernfba, ebg13-vat vg znxrf vg n ybg zber sha. Vs na nanybt gb ebg13 pbhyq or sbhaq va cevag (V qba'g guvax fpengpu-gb-erzbir dhvgr svgf gur ovyy) gura V'q or n [+] ba guvf bar. Lrf, lbh pbhyq cevag ragver pbyhzaf va ebg13, onfvp crapvy naq cncre jbhyq or nyy gung'f erdhverq gb qrpbqr.
zen_tom, Jan 15 2015

       Encouraging censorship as a social ideal [-]   

       Probably as satire [++]   

       also what [scad] fnvq   

       A Glasses app could easily decipher rot13 text as selected by the user.
Voice, Jan 15 2015

       // nanybt gb ebg13 // Jryy gurer vf zveebe jevgvat, ohg n ybg bs crbcyr pna ernq gung cerggl rnfvyl jvgubhg n zveebe.
scad mientist, Jan 15 2015

       Has anyone used ROT10/3 or did I just create it out of whole cloth? That would be where consonants and vowels are rotated separately (treating y as vowel to keep it symmetric. I feel, possibly without justification, that this is more likely to produce ciphered text that reads as plain text.   

       The actual value of this, of course, is absolutely nothing.
MechE, Jan 15 2015

       Tempting to say the ROT(13) has set in.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 15 2015

       [Zupt U], FAH10/3 gaebqg xywu o jufi ybhufughybs jofyohyab. Htyg yg ktoh yh xaawg xywu.
pocmloc, Jan 15 2015

       Bypu yquo, neh FAH10/3 qaugb'h xaaw zept zafu fuoqonxu ha zu. Cfanonxi nupoegu iae ghyxx ubq ec kyht o xah ar pabgabobhg rfaz [corrected] htu ubq ar htu oxctonuh htoh ofub'h eguq zept.
scad mientist, Jan 15 2015

       Yup, absolutely no justification. Although I do think it might be a little easier to learn to transpose mentally, but that might just be me.
MechE, Jan 16 2015

       Scratch to see AND sniff? No, on second thoughts, maybe not.
Ling, Jan 16 2015

       Whfg na nfvqr gb cebzbgr ebg47 - vg'f rffragvnyyl ebg13, bayl vg rapbzcnffrf ahzoref, yrggref, hccre-pnfr, ybjre-pnfr naq fbzr onfvp chapghngvba gbb. Vg znvagnvaf gur cebcregl gung rapelcg/qrpelcg vf flzzrgevp, gurer vf whfg n jvqre frg bs punenpgref gung gnxr cneg. Sbe trareny grkg, vg ybbxf yvxr guvf:   

       |2CJ 925 2 =:EE=6 =2>3[ :ED 7=6646 2D H9:E6 2D D?@H
zen_tom, Jan 16 2015

       green ant barf ebbs if one errs
hippo, Jan 16 2015

       Ohg, [m-g], vg'f n ybg yrff boivbhf jung punenpgref ner vapyhqrq be jung beqre gurl ner va. Gur nycunorg unf n irel fgnoyr trareny beqre naq ahzore. V xabj gurer ner fgnaqneq pbzchgre rapbqvatf ohg gurl ner bayl xabja gb n unaqshy bs jrveqbf.
pocmloc, Jan 16 2015

       Sp. rfaz [scad mientist]
pocmloc, Jan 16 2015

       Thanks [pocmloc]. Is that better?
scad mientist, Jan 16 2015

       Much obliged. I have forgotten what this idea was about, though.
pocmloc, Jan 16 2015

       .....scratches head to get at hidden memory.....
xenzag, Jan 17 2015

       One simple, low-tech option for printed text (and possibly images) would be to intercalate two lines of text   

       Swoimteht hai nmgo nloiskpea ctehdi sf obnutt.   

       To read the article one would overlay with an acetate sheet printed with vertical black lines, which could be supplied in a sealed envelope with the magazine.
Loris, Jan 17 2015

       Now I want there to be a ROT13 version of the HB. It might make more sense.
nineteenthly, Jan 17 2015

       //Scratch to see AND sniff? No, on second thoughts, maybe no   

       item 2 on that list already done, and mentioned more than a few times, Douglas Adams..   

       Variable levels of prudishness red tinted glasses, so all naughty stuff in red should come over as black, if that helps. Of course libertines would just reverse them.   

       Any idea what happens with 3d specs for red/cyan images, if you wear them the wrong way around?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 17 2015

       [+] for rot13.   

       feline frosted tips, wal-mart, theocracy, server failure...   

       A reddit-style comment-ranking system plus facebook-style user hiding system might be an alternative, though probably not a good one
sninctown, Jan 17 2015

       //hide controversial images//

Therein, I think, lays the problem with this idea, xenzag. Who is to say what is or isn't controversial? How many people have to be offended before something qualifies? A billion? A million? A thousand? Or just one? To my mind, freedom of speech is not divisible, no matter how distasteful some of it might be.

Edmund Blackadder: I understood that it was standard maritime practice for a ship to have a crew.
Captain Redbeard Rum: Opinion is divided on the matter. All the other captains say that it is. I say that it isn't!
DrBob, Jan 17 2015

       Dr Bob.... All freedoms come with responsibility. This is why there are laws against racism in places where people have the greatest freedom of expression. Even the halfbakery has parameters as to that which can be said, and not said, and that means even you have agreed to respecting those limits by being on this site.
xenzag, Jan 18 2015

       xen, the way to deal with those sort of views is to expose them to the cold light of reason & ridicule so that people, including those that express them, can see them for the deluded rubbish that they undoubtedly are. Otherwise they fester away in some dark corner & spring out when you least expect them.

Acting in a racist manner is not the same thing as expressing a racist view; although I would agree that it is likely that the one often follows on from the other. If it does, then the law, if any, should be properly applied.

For example, stating that you think black people are inferior to white people on an internet forum or in a magazine is not the same thing as yelling at someone on the street that they are, and please excuse the phrase, 'a lazy nigger' or refusing to employ black people. The former is just a ridiculous argument based on no coherent evidence whereas the latter are assaults on an individual's dignity & well-being & should be cracked down on hard.

I could make similar arguments about holocaust deniers, or various flavours of fundamentalists or whatever.

When I logon to the 'bakery I am stepping into jutta's house, therefore I obey her rules (mostly) or I get the hell out. People have no such freedom about what society they have been born into, so the same logic should not apply. Otherwise it is not a free society, by definition.
DrBob, Jan 18 2015

       You have just contradicted your previous statement re freedom of speech and agreed with me.
xenzag, Jan 18 2015

       //free society   

       wonders about the IP rights, can anyone just take up the Anasazi society patterns of behaviour just because they are all dead?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 18 2015

       xen, I know what you mean and perhaps I have, a bit, but I guess it comes down to context. I don't believe that anything should be absolutely un-sayable but equally you have to be prepared to receive return fire (that's probably not a very good phrase to use in the current context, sorry!).
DrBob, Jan 18 2015


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