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Missing Passenger Alert

Ride with a Christian and it will double as a rapture alarm!
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Me and Mrs. MikeD recently took a two-week sabbatical in up-state New York. Like most trips of this sort, the drive to our destination was filled will excitement and trepidation. My colon, however, was filled with the digesting remnants of a pound of Vermont extra sharp cheddar; so the trip was also filled with uncommonly putrid flatulence. I was weathering the odiferous assault, albeit not without noticeable discomfort. However, the tears at the corners of Mrs. MikeD’s eyes, and her stifled gagging belied a constitution that would not withstand the stench for much longer.

As the next bout of bilious gas bubbled through the pipes I unbuckled, and shoved my ass out of the car window.

She laughed.

I laughed.

She began gagging again as both her and I realized that my now vacated seat had retained a substantial amount of gas that was now free to diffuse throughout the automobile’s interior.

With my ass still poking out the window, I began beating the passenger seat to dislodge the stench.

She giggled at the spectacle I was making of myself.

I giggled at the spectacle I was making of myself.

A dashboard light switched on, indicating that the passenger-side airbag had been automatically deactivated. We seemed to simultaneously take notice, and we both watched the light switch off as I sat back in my seat.

She seemed somewhat disconcerted that the car would so nonchalantly accept the disappearance of a passenger whilst in loco.

We came to the conclusion that the vehicle should alert the driver to the disappearance of a passenger, and proceeded to test the effect:

I shifted my weight off of the seat, and as the indicator light switched on, Mrs. MikeD repeated in a cheery automated voice “Ding. Check vehicle for front right passenger.”

This should be standard.

MikeD, Apr 29 2010


       it's weird. Our schedules aer such that I often read your idea before there are any annotations.   

       farting buns +
Mustardface, Apr 29 2010

       It does seem that way, [Mustard]. Well... Tune in for your next installment. Same MikeD time. Same MikeD channel.
MikeD, Apr 29 2010

       I was expecting this to be a proposal that a car (with built in GPS) detect if the number of passengers has differed between going towards a destination vs. leaving a destination.
aguydude, Nov 04 2010

       Another first for Martin-Baker Ltd.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2010

       Bun [+], for the great story, but I really think you'd notice if you lost your passenger, with or without the light. I usually do. Most of the time.
Boomershine, Nov 05 2010


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