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Offensive Auto-deployed Plates on Car

Car-retrieval device, for when you're car gets stolen.
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This is not to replace a car alarm.

This is for when the condition arises that your car has actually been stolen but you the owner are not aware of it.

Install a mechanism that automatically flips your plates to read "ALL POLICE ARE B*STARDS!" (or another attention-grabbing phrase or word of your choice).

The police are bound to stop the thief over other stolen cars, which haven't yet been reported yet.

The mechanism would be automatically kick in as soon as the ignition is started, but would also have a secret over-ride button for when the car is being driven not-stolen.

Just don't forgot to hit the over-ride button; or you'll be breaking several laws.

monojohnny, Jun 28 2006


       Something simple, like "I'm stolen - please call police" would do nicely. [+]
Freefall, Jun 28 2006


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