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Mitosis Porn

Hitting the g1 and g2 spot
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A sexy projection of dividing cells above your culture in order to get them to divide faster.
leinypoo13, Dec 15 2009


       Methinks meiosis would be sexier.
DrWorm, Dec 15 2009

       Ewww. Gross!
leinypoo13, Dec 15 2009

       How would you do the dubbing?
pertinax, Dec 15 2009

       Like this:   

       "I think there's something wrong with my endocytosis!"   

       "Oh yes? Well maybe I could help you with that. I might need to have a look at your cavaolae."   

       "Oooooh, I wish you would. I'm getting a little short of plasma and it's making me all hot..."   

       <cue saxophone>
wagster, Dec 16 2009

       Oh don't stop don't don't oh god. I'm going to bud, ...oh baby I'm going to BUD.... urgH IM BUUDDINGGGG.... ahhhhhhhh.....
WcW, Dec 16 2009

       What if your invention only encourages a cell to touch itself?   

       Ok, flagellate itself.   

       Ok, just forget it.
outloud, Dec 16 2009

       Ah yes, reminds me of the homebrew yeast meat markets. Yeast buys itself some sugar, tells itself how good it looks, divides. Does somebody have to leave before breakfast?
normzone, Dec 16 2009

       mood lighting for cell cultures, I like it.
wjt, Dec 16 2009


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