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Mix up the Commonwealth Games.

"Special guest" nations at the commonwealth games and Australia vs the rest of the Commonwealth.
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First of all I would like to take this opportunity to ask why the British feel the need to have a sports event that is exclusive to their old empire (the commonwealth) when we already have the olympic games and the winter olympics, isn't this enough without some poxy try hard olympics (no offence to any Britons.) Every 4 years when the commonwealth games roll around we (Australia) always seem to flogg everyone in the medal tally and frankly I think that it's getting a bit boring, I'm sure that every other nation in the commonwealth not as good as Australia thinks along similar lines. If the Games were changed to a different format this would not only distinguish them from the Olympic games but also make the playing feild a bit more even, maby there could be an Australia vs the rest of the Commonwealth style event or maby even guest nations to give us down here a bit of competition. Its time to mix up the Commonwealth games for the kids, WHOS WITH ME?
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002


       Do you understand what exactly The British Commonwealth Of Nations is?
[ sctld ], Jul 30 2002

       We could just get rid of the events that Australia are traditionally good at.
Jinbish, Jul 30 2002

       Wait a minute, didn't Australia want to leave the Commonwealth or something quite recently? Problem solved, kick out Oz.   

       Don't you see a conflict of interest in bad mouthing an event that you see as pointless, and then going on to say how great you are at it?
[ sctld ], Jul 30 2002

       Sorry didn't mean to cause conflict I just think it could do with somthing to make it differ in style to the olympics. If you like the way they are currently then thats your choice this is just an idea that I think would make them a bit more interesting.
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002

       It has got something to make it differ in style to the olympics. It only includes commonwealth nations. Thats nations, not countries. In the Olympic games, scotland england, n.ireland, and wales go under the (incorrect) sporting banner of Great Britain. In the Commonwealth Games, we are split inot our respective nations.   

       That, plus the Commonwealth games only lets countries who have agreed to have their politics influenced by the Queen to take part.   

       If you added non-commonwealth countries, it wouldn't be the commonwealth games any more, it would just be a crap-lympics. The Commonwealth games is a special celebration of countries that are members of the British Commonwealth, not of outsiders.
[ sctld ], Jul 30 2002

       Ahh ok well thanks for clearing that up for me I might have to make some changes. That is why they are "special guest nations" they might like the U.S.A be places that were nearly part of the Commonwealth or maby places that were once part of the Commonwealth but are now a republic, just to make it a bit more interesting. Although what you are saying is somthing along the lines of it is already a Crap-olympics of commonwealth countries. Stop being so damn patronising.
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002

       There are many Republics in the Commonwealth. I don't see why the U.S.A. should be allowed to take part, they had their chance, they'll just have to be happy with the Pan-AM games. If you are that hepped up about the Oz going head to head with U.S., just wait two years.
[ sctld ], Jul 30 2002

       Nah, the best thing about the games is the the USA can't play. None of that triumphal hooting when they win stuff and no fielding profesional teams.
dare99, Jul 30 2002

       You might like to handicap nations as to how much they suffered under British rule. Since in the past 200 years the majority of Australians (other than aborigines) have done far better in terms of average income, quality of life, etc, than e.g. Kenyans or maybe even British, you would make the Australians carry heavy weights. Especially in the swimming.
pottedstu, Jul 30 2002

       Maybe a different scoring system could be created. You get points for each medal (3 for gold, 2 for silver, 1 for bronze) then that tally is divided amongst the number of participants from country x and hey presto, a points total that is fairer to countries that only enter a small number of events.   

       This would also allow countries like Nigeria to give up the swimming, and concentrate on stuff they're good at like running.
[ sctld ], Jul 30 2002

       I think its great that nations other than the US and Russia are given a chance to win something. Also Australia are doing very well, but so are England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I think it is great for the individual nations to be able to take part rather than countries. However, I would like to make it different to the Olympics by getting rid of all track events. How boring is someone running in a straight line. As with all "international" televised events the main focus is on the track including the medal ceremonies (boring!) where they could be showing some "minority" sports such as gymnastics, diving, shooting etc.
lolo, Jul 30 2002

       We just had a week of gymnastics. It was the floor yesterday.   

       Maybe a winter commonwealth games would be good, give Canada a chance.
[ sctld ], Jul 30 2002

       My wife suggested high jump, but over a wall, and without a mat on the other side. Let's see you jump 8 feet then!
PeterSilly, Jul 30 2002

       lucku ol' you sctld. The only gymnastics the BBC show is in the "round up" of the days events and geneerally only the England bits (unless Scot, NI, Wales got a medal) and anyone falling oiff. I want to see every flip, jump, spin, twist and fall.
lolo, Jul 30 2002

       Why can't The British Commonwealth Of Nations have their own games?   

       USA have the "world" series in baseball. I don't see any non-american teams on their scoreboard.
Mayfly, Jul 30 2002

       That's a very good point why is it called the world series?
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002

       I have no idea. Does anyone from across the pond want to defend their country?
Mayfly, Jul 30 2002

       an american assumption that no one else is any good, so they are all embarressed to play i guess.
greennightmonkey, Apr 10 2003

       Here's an idea. The WINTER commonwealth games. Canada would sweep every single event. In your face, Aussies!   

       I like the Commonwealth games, though. It's something Canada can have a chance in without the damn Americans competing. Even though I don't care much at all for most summer events. I mean, does anyone honestly care who's the best in the world at Triple Jump?   

       And that's just pathetic to be whining that "Maybe it should be harder because we always win". That's just brash arrogance. I'm sure Japan always wins the sumo wrestling world championships, that doesn't mean they should change to some idiotic Japan vs. the World idea.   

       And there's a good Snopes.com article on the whole "World series" ordeal. Some people believe that it's because the New York World newspaper sponsors it, but basically it was just a name that was developed in the early days for the match between the National league and American league champions. So yes, basically they call it the world series, even though it's only between North American teams.   

       Mayfly: "I don't see any non-american teams on their scoreboard"   

       2 Canadian teams, tentatively even a Puerto Rican team in the future. Toronto Blue Jays, 1992 and 1993 back to back World Series champions, thank you very much.
atomic_99, Oct 19 2003

       [atomic] Last time I checked, Canada was part of America.
reap, Oct 19 2003

       i would tend to agree here. there are too many 'games' of late. sport is entertainment, and there is better entertainmant than men in short pants jumping things.
benfrost, Feb 20 2005

       Could they include the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? That could open things up a bit.
Are there any other US states that are commonwealths?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 21 2005

       // England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales//   

       Ireland don't compete, just Northern Ireland. The Republic left the Commonwealth in 1949. Foolishly denying themselves the chance to compete in the sporting pagentry of the outstanding Commonwealth Games, in exchange for mere political independence from a former brutal Imperial Superpower. Tsk.
etherman, Feb 21 2005

       //any other US states that are commonwealths?//
Yup. Kentucky, Virgina and Pennsylvania. Classic pub quiz tie breaker question, that.
calum, Feb 21 2005

       Are there any sporting competitions where states play each other in America, or is that sort of covered by the College Sports System. In Ireland, for example, Gaelic games are played on a knock out(ish) basis for the All Ireland Championship. (Although New York and London teams have also competed)
etherman, Feb 21 2005

       Are there any sporting competitions where states play each other in America, or is that sort of covered by the College Sports System. In Ireland, for example, Gaelic games are played on a knock out(ish) basis for the All Ireland Championship. (Although New York and London teams have also competed)
etherman, Feb 21 2005

       state loyalties tend toward the city's team, ie, Bostonredsox is the Massachusettes team. (baseball)   

       As overgeneralized as it may sound, there are traditional state rivalries. Texans hate New Yorkers and New Yorkers will never understand Texans. Sports often follows those attitudes.
dentworth, Feb 21 2005

       In the irish model (which is obviously a fraction of the size, 4.5 million of a total population) by not urbanising the nture of the teams, there is much more of a community sense to the team following and rural areas are almost more involved than the urban population. This doesn't happen as much with soccer and rugby here which are more urban orientated.
etherman, Feb 21 2005


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