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Lollipop Olympics

Special Olympic Games for Lollipops
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With olympic fever gripping the nation, and the escalating costs of staging the games, there is ever increasing pressure to find innovative uses for the expensive facilities once the main event is over. The para-olympics are a good example of this. Lollipop olympics would further extent the useful life of the stadia, as well as providing a grandstand for more elderly competitors. The events in these games would all use the traditional lollipop, familiar to all (well.. most. See link for a lollipop picture).

Many events are already lollipop friendly (javelin, rowing, tennis, relay races, for example), while others may require some modification. There is also the possibility for new events, not seen in the traditional olympics (pancake races, for instance).

Although probably too late for the Beijing games, London 2012 presents the ideal opportunity for the inaugural lollipop olympics. The international olympic movement should throw its full weight behind this idea at once.

Mickey the Fish, Apr 25 2008

Lollipop Lady http://news.bbc.co..../uk_news/482345.stm
BBC News picture showing a lollipop in action. [Mickey the Fish, Apr 25 2008]

Not This... http://pro.corbis.c...692-D6E147BAB25D%7D
A Lollipop In Action. [Amos Kito, Apr 25 2008]

...More Like This. http://www.dailymai...252&in_page_id=1770
Picture them in a fluorescent rain coat. And running a race. [Amos Kito, Apr 25 2008]


       In the US, these ladies are often called crossing guards, although I fully support the transition to the term "Lollipop Lady". Will this Olympics also feature Road Cones?
Amos Kito, Apr 25 2008

       It might be difficult enough to go to school in the morning without someone protesting "Stop children" on the way; stopping all the traffic, and making everyone angry.
Ling, Apr 25 2008

       I was thinking the Met could have enlisted lollipop ladies to assist in the protection of the Olympic torch. Who's going to try to get past a lollipop lady with a big sign saying "Stop"? No one, that's who.
theleopard, Apr 25 2008

       Amos's link raises the possibility of the Lollipop Winter Olympics
Mickey the Fish, Apr 28 2008

       ...and another thought: how about Formula 1 for ice cream vans?
Mickey the Fish, Apr 28 2008

       ... or Milk Floats ?
8th of 7, Apr 28 2008


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