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sniff pop

Use scratch-n-sniff to flavor your drink
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Most of flavor is olfactory, not on the tongue. Have your choice of soda flavor by packaging basic, unflavored tangy sweet soda (caffeine optional), then have a rainbow of scratch-n-sniff patches near where your nose goes on the can.

Saves poor impoverished beverage companies the money spent making up different flavors and can labels. Mom can just buy a case and the kiddoes can get any of a half-dozen flavors as they want 'em. Heck, you could even mix 'em. Double heck, you could do the Harry Potter jelly bean thing and have vomit flavor etc. Great for Halloween!

ideaphoric, Jan 11 2008


       How about sandpaper? That'd be good for a laugh.
skinflaps, Jan 11 2008


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