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Mobile Public forum

Follow this oversized load to the next public meeting.
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This would be an All IN ONE design. An entirely new vehicle design, the Mobile public forum would operate within given congressional districts. It could be moved or linked up to other forums, so as to bring the debate to areas that dont have large stadiums or areanas.

Mobile public forum rough road travel dimensions. As long as a large bus, but much wider so as to take up the full width of a car lane.

When parked the forum expands, stadium style seats fold out from the centerline of the forum, and the back end of the forum would open up to form a rounded seating arangement that would create a sort of half circle stadium set up so as to properly direct the seated public to the people running the debate. The debators, or the people fielding the questions, would be local or state representatives. Issues would focus on the neighborhood at large. Education, crime, infastructure would be the main topics.

Before the Forum arrives, letters would be sent out to all the residents in the area, tickets would be randomly placed in the letters so as to fully fill the forum.

The Mobile Public Forum would have its own lighting, video equipment, heating and sound systems. It would also include large projector screens, so as to make the discussion open to those who dont have seats in the forum discussion itself. Of course the forum would have a large supply of fresh coffee, and tasty pastries.

Antegrity, Nov 09 2005




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