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State of Mind

wherever? whatever.
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What matters is not the state where you live but your "state of mind" --If I'm in a New York State of mind I should be able to vote for the New York senators and if I feel like I'm from Brooklyn, instead of the Bronx, then let me vote for a Brooklyn representative.

People should be able to vote wherever they feel like voting. If you say this will cause anarchy, I say clam down. It will sort itself out. You can only "be" in one state of mind at a time ... so it won't matter.

futurebird, Jun 22 2008


       This assumes all states of mind are presently accounted for, and are discrete entities that are fully described by their relative distinctions among and between states. That is, I think it's a tad near-sighted. I've definitely felt something between Nevada and New Mexico and it was much much more than just a rise on ya.
daseva, Jun 22 2008

       Won't this exclude most of us from all elections outside Cloud-Cuckoo Land?
pertinax, Jun 22 2008

       Now that I've clamed down, I feel once again like I'm in Vegas.
wagster, Jun 22 2008


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