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Nothing To See Here

So many contenders
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This is a national or even international competition to find the least interesting place.

Many towns and cities have historic and interesting forts, temples, bridges, castles, cathedrals, battlefields, or birthplaces of the famous (or notorious, which in some cases is better).

To compensate, there should be a yearly search for the location (of a minimum size) with absolutely no claim to fame whatsoever.

No-one even remotely famous was born (or died) there. There are no notable buildings, roads, or geographical features. No-one ever passed through on their way to do something famous somewhere else. There have never been any unique local crafts or industries. There are no indigenous foods or beverages, breeds of domestic animals, or inexplicable ancient rocks. There's just ... absolutely bugger all.

Once the annual "winner" is identified and announced, tourists will flock in to visit Dullsville, the most uninteresting place ever. They will spend money in the completely boring and undistinguished shops, all of which are branches of chain stores and exactly the same as every other branch; stay in anonymous motels, assembled from kits of parts which are delivered by truck; and eat "standard menu" food in dining establishments which could be anywhere.

But it might help the local economy. Of course, the worst thing would be for the inhabitants to decide to make their home a bit less dull, by holding an arts festival, or inventing some foolish local "sport" like wet-hen-throwing competitions, thus putting themselves out of the running for next year's prize.

Any location winning three years in a row gets given the trophy to keep, and is then destroyed by a tactical nuclear weapon. Tourists can then come in later years and gawp at the crater.

We suspect that Milton Keynes will be in with a chance of a place in the first year's competition.

8th of 7, May 27 2018

Damboring, Western Australia https://www.austral...ion/east-damboring/
Beat that, if you can. [pertinax, May 27 2018]

That_27s_20A_20Real_20Grey_20Area greysville [xenzag, May 28 2018]

Nob End https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nob_End
[not_morrison_rm, May 28 2018]

Agloe New York https://www.npr.org...then-not-true-story
For 2 Fries [AusCan531, May 29 2018]

So sick they changed the name to avoid the bad p.r. https://en.m.wikipe...i/Hamilton,_Indiana
My place of birth... [RayfordSteele, May 29 2018]


       //Milton Keynes// could be out of the running by virtue of holding the national record for per capita suicide rates, thus being noteworthy in at least one area?
Skewed, May 27 2018

       Indiana: where our unofficial motto is "drive through here to get to someplace better."
RayfordSteele, May 27 2018

       Heh, I read that map makers used to create fictional towns on their maps as a signature to catch others copying their work.
Can't remember the name of it but there is a town in the States that only exists because so many people showed up looking for it that eventually some of them settled there... and now it's a town for real.

       They win.   

       <slightly off-topic>
There's a short story that is the "person" version of this (that I can't remember the name or author of...): a "time viewer" is invented, allowing people to find out their entire ancestral history. A company using it has the slogan "An Ancestor for Everyone"; assuming that everyone will have some-one at least mildly famous or important in their family tree. Except they find one guy (possibly the CEO of the company...) who has absolutely no-one famous in his past, going right back to cave-men.
neutrinos_shadow, May 27 2018

       I'll make you a deal; I'll find the name of that town if you find the name of that story.   


       Nonononono. I'm not giving up that easily.   

       If you click on the Damboring link, you'll see that someone has written some boilerplate text which says "we’ve put together some of the things nearby that you can see or do while you are here".   

       Try clicking on one of those buttons. Any of them. Go on.   

       And credit, please, for nominative determinism.
pertinax, May 28 2018

       //who has absolutely no-one famous in his past, going right back to cave-men//   

       Not possible, mitochondrial Eve, everyone has her at least. So when was this story written?
Skewed, May 28 2018

       Damboring has a nature reserve.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2018

       Is there anything actually in it ... ?
8th of 7, May 28 2018

       Well, there is a place called Nob End (see link) but it's main claim to fame is the proliferation of Blue Fleabane.
not_morrison_rm, May 28 2018

       I don't know - it would be interesting to find out. Hence...
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2018

       Here ya go 2 fries - Agloe New York [link]
AusCan531, May 29 2018

       //Damboring has a nature reserve.//   

       And its nature is to be boring. Damn boring. Without reserve.
AusCan531, May 29 2018

       // Agloe New York //   

       That's why the idea states "the location (of a minimum size) with absolutely no claim to fame whatsoever."   

       So to be in the competition, it has to be a real place, not a map trap.
8th of 7, May 29 2018

       This idea sounds remarkably similar to the Village of the Year competition. Have you been chatting with old people again 8th? I've warned you about that before!
DrBob, May 29 2018

       It's nothing like "Best Village of the Year". It's not even "Worst Village of the Year" because even a collection of soot-coated tar-paper shacks clustered round a fetid channel of stagnant radioactive sewage is distinguished by its awfulness (plus a sign saying "Welcome to Redditch").
8th of 7, May 29 2018

       //radioactive sewage//   

       What have you been feeding them, exactly?
pertinax, May 29 2018

       Yes, Agloe New York. If you can't make it there, you can't make it anywhere.   

       But, by virtue of being "The World's Most Uninteresting Location" this place will become of general interest and will become a bustling tourist attraction, thronging with bovine masses posing for selfies. The place where nothing *really* happens will be the second most uninteresting place in the world.
hippo, May 30 2018

       In this very spot where I am standing, thousands of years ago, nothing ever happened.   

       Danny Kaye (Merry Andrew movie)
pashute, May 30 2018

       Hicksville Road in Far Rockaway.   

       And then there's always Timbuktu in Africa
pashute, May 30 2018

       // this place will become of general interest and will become a bustling tourist attraction, thronging with bovine masses posing for selfies //   

       Yes, we already pointed that out in the original idea, hence the suggestion of the subsequent use of low yield Special Tactical stores.
8th of 7, May 30 2018

       So, like "Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough", except not friendly.
pertinax, May 31 2018

       // not friendly //   

       Maybe not friendly, but certainly compassionate. If you exist in somewhere like Slough, instantaneous annihilation is something you probably hope for all the time, but you're too depressed and apathetic to do anything about it.   

       Betjemen had it spot on. It wasn't fit for humans then, and it isn't now. Even the cockroaches have left.
8th of 7, May 31 2018


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