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Mobile Virtual Phone System

Please hold, let me try his extension
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With more people, and businesses, heading toward mobile phones... wouldn't it be nice to have an "extension" system layered on your mobile? just dial extension 4449 to get Bob. Tranfer calls. everything you would do with a normal in-office system, but completely mobile.

I realize you could do this if you were REALLY good with a phone switch (IP office) and had a central number for everyone to dial into, but I'm thinking just built-right-into the phone... so your mobile is just like your desk phone. Heck, how about a cradle that charges your phone, and has a normal handset and all that.

bigattichouse, May 15 2007


       I like this idea. I'm thinking of the paradigm of a laptop with a docking station... You could get to work, place your cell in its docking station, and it essentially becomes a regular desk phone.
mimz, May 15 2007

       // just built-right-into the phone   

       Wouldn't this be something that your mobile phone providers would have to do, or, worse, would have to agree to collaborate on?   

       I've never quite seen the point of those local extension systems (and of structured namespaces in general). What is the advantage of that over "Everybody has a number. To talk to them, dial the number." ?   

       Mobile/wireless landline hybrids exist, right?
jutta, May 15 2007


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