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Mobile phone 'sound effects'

Spice up your mobile phone calls with added sounds
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I propose a new service for the gadget-hungry customers of the mobile generation. It is no longer enough to entertain other passengers by playing all the ring-tones available on your phone. Why not include sound-effects in the phone call itself.

These effects could be provided by the handset or by in-line filtering of the call by the phone service provider. I believe that this would provide a 'richer' experience for callers and lead to a whole range of spin-off services.

Naturally, sounds could be added, to provide alibis or excuses. e.g. -

"I won't be in today {sound of vigourous retching, followed by damp squelching noise}"

"I can't hear you, I'm getting a lot of static..."

"I can't talk now we're under heavy bombardment..."

An alternative would be to provide sophisticated filtering.

> "Who is that with you Darling? Can I hear female voices?"

{caller clicks button to engage call filtering}

< "Nope, I'm here in the hotel room on my own..."

< faint noise heard in background - "Baaa.."

< "Damn!"

riposte, Dec 18 2002

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       I like it; I like it a lot.   

       A noise filter seems by far the most useful part of this idea - with any luck, it would eliminate the, "I CAN'T TALK NOW, I'M IN THE PUB!" phenomenon.
friendlyfire, Dec 18 2002

       Maybe one of Curry/Sealy's?
egnor, Dec 18 2002

       Took me a while, but I think I found it.
krelnik, Dec 18 2002


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