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Subliminal Calling.

Messages operate on the fringe of human hearing.
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So you have a list of phone numbers on your cell phone.

You have their name, number, relation and so forth. You also have the options of little reminders about that person, apointments and such.

There should be a category in the contacts list where you can record a subliminal message.

So you want to date this chick, you record "your talking to a very sexy person", and everytime you call her this message gets played over the course of the converstaion.

Just like you cant see things if they move to fast, you cant hear things if they are at to low a frequency.

So your talking to your boss about something, "give raise, good worker" gets played over and over again.

Dont know its happening but its affecting the person on some level. Good or bad.

Antegrity, Nov 22 2005


       I would pay for the ability to add subliminal messages to my cell phone conversations. +
sleeka, Nov 22 2005

       you didn't know that this is widely known [antegrity]?   

po, Nov 22 2005

       Look into my eyes, not around the eyes but into my eyes....You're under..   

       When you come round you will give this idea a bun, even though it's terrible..   

       ...3,2,1, and You're back in the room.
Minimal, Nov 22 2005

       How about a voice modifier... select:
1. Breathy
2. Deep and powerful
3. Timid
4. etc.
According to need.
Ling, Nov 22 2005

       5. Darth Vader.
hidden truths, Nov 22 2005

       6. Brian Blessed   

       this is getting silly - if it is inaudible then the quality of the voice is pretty pointless, n'est pas?
po, Nov 22 2005

       7. Apu
Minimal, Nov 22 2005

       No but powerful enough to get the boss of your back for missing work.
Antegrity, Nov 29 2005


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