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Noise cancelling cancellation

Option to turn off noise cancelling on phones
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Mobile phones usually have a noise- cancelling system to cut out ambient noise. This is great.

But sometimes, I would like the ambient noise to be heard - for example if I'm at a music event or speech, or if I'm trying to impress someone with my pianoic abilities. On a regular mobile, all the listener will hear is a muffled wubba- wubba-wubba.

So, it would be nice if one of the phone buttons could temporarily disable the ambient noise cancellation. Perhaps some phones allow this already, in which case this is redundant.

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2007


       Would much rather see this as an ear horn for your mobile, so that it only gets the ambient noise. That would make it a mobile horn. You could keep it in your pocket.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 22 2007

       "All" the button needs to do is swap the inputs' to the cancelator from external mic and the music
Dub, Sep 22 2007


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