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test out your bodyguard with a mystery attacker
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ever wonder how good your personal body guard is ? what you need is a Mockassasin, someone who'll attack you, in an obviously non-lethal way (lest they get killed themselves) to check out how good they are. Basically the bodyguard equivalent of a mystery shopper.

Just to be on the safe side, so you'd know whether you were really being attacked, they could wear soft leather shoes.
neilp, Aug 11 2003


       Not now, Kato!
thumbwax, Aug 11 2003

       How about just plain Mocassins? Water Mocassins are pretty deadly.
lawpoop, Aug 11 2003

       you'd throw them at yourself [lawpoop] ?
neilp, Aug 11 2003

       only the best for my mockassasin.
neilp, Aug 11 2003

       They're called war games. You can hire companies to test your defenses. Baked, baked, baked....Did I say baked?
Eugene, Aug 11 2003

       "yes, i'd like you to attack me as i leave the store tomorow. i'm faxing my picture now. try very hard to kill me, but dont worry, you wont, my body gaurd should stop you. yes yes, attack the woman in the picture i sent you with intent to kill... yes its me... what do you mean i have a mans voice? just attack her...er...me..."
HalfwayHebrew, Aug 11 2003

       Mocassin ... Mockassassin .... *Laughs like a retard*   

       You could just throw shoes at him (perhaps soft leather ones) to test how good he is .... not sure how effective that would be though.
Mrlemonjelly, Nov 22 2005


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