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Panic Bed

Bed to provide protection in the event of a home invasion.
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this is really a steel box, concealed as a bed base. This is about two feet narrower than a bed (to allow for toe space at each side of the bed, and about twenty four inches high, made of 1/2 or 3/4 inch steel. It has spring loaded panel at the long sides, and allows the home occupant to slide inside and lock the box from the inside. Inside is water, pain killers, communication devices between the other 'panic beds' and possible - breathing apparatus. In the event of a home invasion, the householder slides inside the box and locks it, calls the police and waits.
senatorjam, Apr 19 2005

knee jerk reaction http://www.jamaicao...S_TRIPLE_MURDER.asp
[senatorjam, Apr 19 2005]

Baked? http://www.qsleeper.com/
[RobertKidney, Apr 19 2005]


       What are the painkillers for?
slappyjones, Apr 19 2005

       How often is your home invaded?
Laimak, Apr 19 2005

       You wouldn't want some painkillers if you were sitting around idly in a locked steel box being burgled?
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       Tut, tut.   

       re fire, I thought of making it fireproof, however most homes in Jamaica are fairly fireproof, being made of concrete to resist hurricanes and earthquakes ..[Laimak] it's not how often your home is invaded...it only takes one time
senatorjam, Apr 19 2005

       Us cool people get burgled *all the time*. Just for the painkillers.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       *Googles* Hah, I knew I'd seen this before. See link.   

       The only thing is, I strongly suspect the halfbakery is the cause of me seeing that, but I can't find the idea that would have led me there. Anyone remember anything like that?
RobertKidney, Apr 19 2005

       Ah, I seem to have misread the idea slightly. Missed the hidden element. Sorry.
RobertKidney, Apr 19 2005

       This site has led to me discovering a whole load of stuff you can actually buy that should never have been invented in the first place.
wagster, Apr 19 2005

       Yes, but does the Q-Sleeper have painkillers?
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       [-] A bit coffin-ish for my liking, rather just tape (or zip-tie) a bowie knife to a hockey stick and fend for myself
andrew1, Sep 27 2005

       Does it come with maille sheets?
ye_river_xiv, Dec 18 2006

       Home invasions usually happen when the occupant answers the door and opens it to see who it is.   

       I think that I would feel safer having a quick escape into the attic than under my bed in a steel box. Plus if you make it into your panic bed and your kids don't make it to their bed in time, are you going to stay in your safe box while the intruder has control of your kids? You could probably do better running to the bedroom and pushing the dresser in front of the door.
Jscotty, Dec 18 2006

       The panic bedroom is probably a better invention, but that has been baked. I like this idea though. It's not like everyone who breaks into a house wants to meet the owner face to face.   

       Most would probably be happy enough to grab some cash from an empty house and leave, rather than admiring the strange furniture, and setting fires around them all to see if they can find the homeowner.   

       A ready-made protective bed would probably also be cheaper, and less noticeable than a "secret" protected bedroom, closet, or whatever.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 19 2006


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