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Modernized Walking Streetlamps

The exact opposite of this category
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Sometimes it's nice just to walk instead of hailing a cab. But you might not want to walk at night, especially not in an unfamiliar neighborhood, no matter how nice the weather is.

In 17th century London, you could literally hire a "walking streetlamp" to help you find your way at night (link). This is an idea that needs updating. You should be able to use your phone to hail a walking companion - to light your way, act as a bodyguard, or both.

I'm split on whether this niche would be better filled with human or robotic guides. Likely start with the former and be replaced by the latter in the fullness of time.

a1, Oct 28 2022

Walking Streetlamps for Hire in Seventeenth-Century London https://daily.jstor...nth-century-london/
[a1, Oct 28 2022]

hopping lantern https://ghibli.fand...iki/Hopping_Lantern
Lights all the way to the door [Loris, Oct 31 2022]


       So, instead of ride-sharing, it's "I'll walk you home" - sharing. And, instead of "Don't get in that car!", it's "Don't go ... with ... that person."   

       "Why not?"
"They look weird."
"No, that's just how someone looks when they're using one thumb to interact with their smart phone and the other one to adjust the wick on that overhead naked flamey thing. It's fine."
pertinax, Oct 29 2022

       But then where am I going to look for the car-keys I dropped?
jutta, Oct 29 2022

       Presumably you could hire a second economically vulnerable boy to follow the first one around, anxiously scanning the ground. They could give reach other moral support. They might come to some arrangement with the "watch your car for you, mister" boys.   

       Ah, the joys of a neo-Victorian economy.
pertinax, Oct 29 2022

       hmmm, how about parabolic motion tracking street lights which light the ground beneath you as you walk and, oh what the heck, make them heaters as well when they sense movement.   

       As slang the word "heater" can mean a fastball, a gun, a fart, or a thug.
Voice, Oct 31 2022

       Could you not simply clip a flashlight to your pistol, and walk with confidence?
whatrock, Oct 31 2022

       Lights on firearms gives away your position.
a1, Oct 31 2022

       + I like this a lot…charming.
xandram, Oct 31 2022

       //As slang the word "heater" can mean a fastball, a gun, a fart, or a thug.//   

       Well, there's my new things for the day as I only knew one of those other definitions. Fart eh? huh   

       Perhaps category Public: street lighting?
whatrock, Nov 01 2022

       // category Public: street lighting? //   

       If each is an independent contractor, wouldn’t that be private street lighting?
a1, Nov 01 2022

       Lovely idea!
Treejuice, Nov 01 2022

       // If each is an independent contractor, //   

       Yes but it is a service for the public, as fixed street lamps are a service for the public.
whatrock, Nov 01 2022

       Maybe you use the terms differently than I. Public sector == paid for by taxes and ideally for everyones’ advantage. Private sector == service paid for and only available to those who pay.   

       If I commute by Metro rail that's public transit. If I hire a cab that's private industry.
a1, Nov 02 2022

       Ah, I C.
whatrock, Nov 02 2022


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