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Modifiable Movie Music

Change, remove, amplify the music in a movie
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This would be for movies you watch at home, either on a player (DVD) or TV (of the future, no doubt!)

Ever watch a movie and have your mood drastically altered, for better or for worse, by the musical score in the background? Or how about a movie that had no music during a scene you thought would be perfect for a particular type of music?

Sooner or later, we're going to see some big changes towards our home entertainment centers. Surfing the Internet on your TV set through a broadband connect can't be too far away. Watching movies at home is becoming more interactive every day. "Blade" DVD lets you mute all sound of the movie except the score, "Galaxy Quest" lets you change the language track to an alien dialect.

Movies should let you disable the music score entirely, increase/decrease the volume of it, switch to other scores built into the disc, or maybe even download new scores from the Net ("DJ Razor presents... The Matrix, trance remix score!.mp3")

On/off: Disabling music can give some realistic scenes a tad more realism. I wonder how Heat's bank robbery mood would be if the entire sequence were without music. Just another ol' day at the bank when some people start whipping out Kalashnikovs, eh? No pulse pounding synth drums.

Volume: I was anxiously awaiting Han Zimmer's score for Pearl Harbor, but barely heard any of it during the action sequences. I could tell it was back there, but after a while wondered why the director even put it in there when he kept the volume so low. When I watch the film on DVD, I'm going to wish I could jack up the volume to where it dominates the film.

Switching Scores: Air Force One had two soundtracks, but only one was accepted. The current Jerry Goldsmith one replaced Randy Newman's (which was released on CD later). One reviewer placed Newman's track above Goldsmith's in quality. It's a shame we can't get both on one disc.. and get to see it synced up just right.

Downloading new Scores: This would be especially great for action movies. Action movies often have some sorta electronica track going on while the bullets are flying. It's often repetitive, fast.. "time to kick ass" stuff. The Matrix could get a couple dozen new musical treatments by various DJs on the Net, and millions of sadistic young boys could watch the fight sequences over and over.. all to a different cool tune.

"The possibilities are endless!" Happy Disney music could be put into the most horrificly depressing films, and vice-versa. Why you would want to do such a thing, i don't know. :)

go77, Sep 19 2001


       This would be great. Just think if you could pick up a copy of The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as an optional soundtrack right there on the dvd.
EvilDoer, May 07 2003

       Somebody needs to make the Wizard of Floyd DVD happen.
Zimmy, May 07 2003

       That's nothing compared to listening to "The Division Bell" with "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" on TV. You don't even get half of Roger Waters's sly musical references unless you're watching Don Knotts as a cartoon fish.
snarfyguy, May 07 2003

       [snarfguy], you can't be serious?
Zimmy, May 07 2003


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