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Repeat Rating

A rating scale to indicate replay value
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Some movies are great (like Braveheart) but not really movies that most people watch over and over.

I own Braveheart, but I only watch it every few years, at most.

So I started thinking (and my brother had the same idea) that some movies are great, but could also lack replay value, so that you might want to rent the movie, but not really buy the movie.

So I propose that movie rating not only rate how good the movie is, but also rate the replay value so that people can judge whether or not to buy the DVD.

talldave, Sep 28 2008

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[phundug, Sep 29 2008]


       This might as well be a method of measure on [Vernon]'s Stupidity Quotient.   

       Of course, if you enjoyed the movie, the replay value (gathered from others that enjoyed the movie) may have some meaning. It may also be that you fall in the subset of people that liked movie x and would not watch it again, in contradiction to the y+ replay score it reflected.   

       Although, if you are watching movies based on an arbitrary scoring process, this *would* work for you.   

       PS: Next time you are that stoned, watch "Ed and his dead mother."
4whom, Sep 29 2008

       Not a bad idea, but as with all things movie-related it's all down to the taste (or lack thereof) of the viewer. I have friends who've watched Freddy Got Fingered several times. Voluntarily.   

       Here's an extremely unscientific test to see if the idea has legs, drawn from a quick glance at my DVD collection.   

       Movies I enjoyed but only warrant one (or very occasional) viewing:   


       Good Night, and Good Luck   


       I am Legend   

       Igby Goes Down   

       The Last King of Scotland   

       Lost in Translation   


       The Majestic   

       Minority Report   



       Mystic River   

       Open Water   


       Requiem for a Dream   


       Movies I enjoyed that warrant multiple (or regular) viewings:   

       The Girl Next Door   

       Good Will Hunting   

       Grosse Point Blank   

       Groundhog Day   

       The Italian Job (original)   


       Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   

       Knocked Up   


       Love Actually   

       The Life of Brian   

       Napoleon Dynamite   

       Reservoir Gods   

       The Royal Tenenbaums   

       The Running Man   


       None of these movies may appeal to any of you, but take a look down the list and see if your judgement of their multiple viewing potential matches my own.
sambwiches, Sep 29 2008

       This is the reason I own so few movies, to buy I need a movie that has fine details that are missed in a single viewing or whose message is so profound that it bears repetition without loosing weight. Good Will Hunting, Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta, Highlander, any of the Monty Python movies, the Naked Gun movies, 40 Year Old Virgin, Spiderman, Dark Knight, Iron Man and Usual Suspects.   

       Oh and since this is the Halbakery I have to include Real Genius.
MisterQED, Sep 29 2008

       Watch "The Prestige", then watch it again, then watch it again...
4whom, Sep 29 2008


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