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Modular Hamster Tube Home

A home that can be assembled easily with plastic sections.
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When I was a kid, I would spend part of my allowance every week to buy a new piece of tubing for my hamster tunnel house. Within a couple of years the hamster colony that I created was HUGE with all of the tunnels and rooms and stuff that I built.

In light of the recent events around the gulf coast where people are despirately in need of housing it might be a good idea to invent a type of housing that you can design and configure by simply assembling modular rooms together. Because its made of plastic, its something that can be ordered, shipped VIA UPS and assembled by 2 people in a couple of hours.

You start out with the basic kit that gives you 4 walls and a roof. As time goes on you can begin to add in bedrooms and bathrooms. Every section of tubing will have electrical and plumbing built in so that you can order the custom sinks and toilets which can be "snapped in" on any wall in any type of configuration. Start out with a small bathroom and eventually go to up to a 3 room master suite.

Because its modular, you can quickly break it down and ship it in a standard sized moving truck. If you have kids, you can configure the house with multiple small bedrooms. As they grow up, get more tubing sections to give them more bedroom space. When they grow up and move out, reconfigure the tubes to make your own game room or recreation area.

Jscotty, Sep 02 2005

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[jutta, Sep 02 2005]

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There's a whole sub-culture out there! [ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 04 2005]

Modular Homes Modular_20Homes
We've been here before.. [ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 04 2005]


       Something a little like that was a subject of a recent spoof in "The Onion", under the title "Habitrail for Humanity".
jutta, Sep 02 2005

       Bill Gates would love it.
Cuit_au_Four, Sep 04 2005

       When I was a kid, I would spend part of my allowance every week to buy a new piece of tubing for my grandfather's lower intestine.
benfrost, Sep 04 2005

       "Who lives in a house like this?" - Lloyd Grossman   

       "I would." - wagster   

       [Jscotty], are you any relation to [jscottpete]?
wagster, Sep 04 2005

       Huh? 4 walls and a roof? I'd prefer to have round tubes, smallish, with people crawling through them. And transparent, so I can see them!
ldischler, Sep 04 2005


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