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Mouth-opening mouthguard

Holds the mouth open for sleep when your nose is clogged
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When i get colds, my nose can be super stuffy. Can't breathe in through my nose. Catch 22 is I close my mouth when I sleep. So then I breathe really shallow, don't get enough oxygen, and wake up tired.

So I propose a mouthguard that holds your mouth open, so your body will naturally breathe through it. I was actually just looking for this product, but it doesn't seem to exist. There are the anti-snoring mouthguards, but those just hold your jaw forward. Does anybody know if this product will actually make sleep worse?

If I knew where to get it, I would buy the thingy that holds the mouth open when they shove the camera down your throat. Where would I buy that?

EdwinBakery, Jan 09 2013

Here's what you need... Mouth_20Mister
[normzone, Jan 09 2013]


       //I naturally open my mouth when I sleep if my nose is stuffy, resulting in a terribly dry mouth, which wakes me up.//   

       This. Could it be a version that has a little water reservoir, so it keeps your mouth moist over night.
MechE, Jan 09 2013

       When i fell asleep during a routine root canal my dentist used one of these.
Brian the Painter, Jan 10 2013

       I would think I'd need an air filter, or some gauze-like net to prevent dust or a bug entering my mouth. If the gauze was made of plastic with a highly hydrophillic inner side, and hydrophobic outer side, and the inner side had tiny grooves to let the condensed water come back to the mouth, that could keep your mouth humid. I wonder if hydrophilicity of a surface can increase the least water condensation temperature (we need water to condense at almost body temperature).
Inyuki, Jan 10 2013


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