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Modular cell phone software.

Hyper-customize every aspect of your cell phone's software.
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The phone provider would show you a list of software packages available for your phone. You scroll through the list and pick the ones you want. Then, you get to choose which buttons do what with which program, which programs appear on the phone, and how they appear on the phone's display. Don't like the snapshot button on the side of the phone? No problem. Simply have the pound key entrained to perform that function. Want your organizer to display the minute timer at the top of the list so you don't have to scroll down to get to it? No problem. You could basically reconfigure every aspect of the phone to your liking and even get rid of extraneous programs that you don't use to cut down on the clutter.
phaseinduction, May 07 2007

Custom ur iface Custom_20ur_20iface
[sofacrat, May 16 2007]


       Don't know how easy it would be to actually do, but it would be nice. My phone has options for some of that, but other stuff that I really would like to change, it won't let me.
Hunter79764, May 08 2007

       I came up with virtually the same idea, less than a week later. Slightly too drunk to search properly and find this one (see link).
sofacrat, May 16 2007


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