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Mold sniffing dogs

Out out foul Spot! No, I meant the mold, sorry.
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Mold is the new asbestos. Every week one hears about people who are chronically ill, only to find a creeping mold horror hidden in the walls. The mold is amazingly hard to get rid of, and the discovery of mold basically means your house cannot be sold.

Mold is fragrant. I propose mold sniffing dogs could be trained, and could cruise the house sniffing walls. If the dog pointed out one spot, additional efforts could be made to determine if there was mold behind the walls.

Mold sniffing service would be useful for people who suspected there might be mold (after a leak, or rain), or had symptoms / smelled odor but did not want to rip up walls unnecessarily. Also, the services of a mold sniffer might be employed by a prospective home buyer who wanted leverage in asking for a lower price.

bungston, Feb 22 2005

Mold sniffing dogs and google.... http://www.google.c...search=&safe=images
Baked mold [normzone, Feb 22 2005]

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       I think this has been done....off to search.......
Yes, Google answers the question, they have not yet broken the mold on this one.
normzone, Feb 22 2005

       //The mold is amazingly hard to get rid of// Actually, this isn't true. It's just expensive. Mold really is pretty easy to get out of a house compared to say, asbestos.
zigness, Mar 31 2006

       [zigness] With 10 years in the industry I can honestly say that getting rid of asbestos is considerably easier than getting rid of Mold. Now Asbo is much more expensive to get rid of but once its gone its gone. Mold just keeps coming back until it is completely eradicated which many times involves completely gutting a structure to remove every last trace of the stuff.
jhomrighaus, Mar 31 2006

       Would make a good house for culturing blue cheeses.
wagster, Mar 31 2006

       its possible i guess-- they have dogs that can smell roaches now so i guess ne thing is possible
wakeNbake, Mar 31 2006

       ne - n e - any   

       It's "I can't use grammar correctly" talk. AKA netspeak. AKA hacker. AKA whatever.
DesertFox, Apr 01 2006

       the problem is that mold is easy to spot if the lazy people would get off their butts and check for it once in a while. Its getting rid of it that's the hard part, as jhomwhatever said.
craziness, Apr 01 2006


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