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lysol bomb

heavy ordinance for house cleaning
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much like a bug bomb, this thing takes out 99.9% of all germs in the house. just turn the knob and run, before you are enveloped in a cloud of cleanliness. each can covers approx. 3 rooms...stay at the neighbors house for a while...

Ideal for use after a party, plumbing issues,cleaning day-care centers and schools, and smaller versions available for the fridge will dis-infect it after you clean out the leftovers that cant be identified...

sergeant dukie, Dec 15 2002


       "Lysol has an amber or red-brown color and a distinctive phenolic odour. Although it is only about 1/8th as toxic as carbolic acid, it remains quite irritating, and its toxicity is well known. It is alkaline in nature, and it is its alkalinity that makes it more irritant. During the 1930s, it was a common choice of suicides by poisoning. It can be absorbed from the intact skin and concentrated solutions of it are corrosive"   

       Hmm. While you could modify a standard smoke machine to volatilise a aqueous solution of this stuff as a fine mist, I have a feeling you might find it's already been banned under on ef the chemical weapons treaties.   

       How would you know when it's safe to go back in without a rubber suit and respirator ? <Thinks: Hmmm. A good excuse to wear my rubber suit and gas mask more often .....>
8th of 7, Dec 16 2002

       Back in college we noticed that with the exception of the removable plastic cap there's no real difference (besides contents!) between cans of spray paint, aerosol potpouri, and bug foggers. We'd place bug fogger tops on foul-scented potpouri cans, and lob them into friends dorm rooms and cars. I miss immaturity.
ry4an, Dec 16 2002

JOHNNY2, Mar 26 2003

       "Whilst taking a dump in your estalishments bathroom, I was interrupted by what sounded like a Mack truck about to plow through the toilet stall door. I left what was left in my bowels in the toilet, on the floor, through your dining area, to this register. If you will excuse me for a second.... I have to pull up my pants now. I'll take the check now, and, sorry about the mess......"
theThinker, Mar 27 2003

       There are organophosphorous bombs for use in granaries and such. Everything dies. Maybe this could be adapted for home use?
bungston, Mar 27 2003

       Lysol is meant to be sprayed on surfaces, not in the air. It says so on the can. Presumably, were this idea to be implemented, everyone would die. See? This fish is already dead. [-]
disbomber, Apr 07 2005

       [singing] There must be spray in here, It says so on the can! But every time we try it, we can't taste it man! We can't taste the spray! We can't taste the spray!
phundug, Jan 24 2006


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