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packaging tape lint roller

A lint roller designed to use packaging tape as its medium.
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I've noticed that the sticky pads that lint rollers come with are expensive, and not too great at their job. I've taken to using clear packaging tape, rolling some of the tape backwards around the roll, and using that. It works as well, maybe better, and the tape is way cheaper then the lint roller pads. My idea is something like a tape gun. It has a central circle that holds the roll of packaging tape by clenching it from the center. It has an arm that extends out and attaches to a plastic oval. You attach some of the packaging tape to the oval, and give the oval one turn so it has an exposed face of the sticky packaging tape. Use that to pick up lint, animal hair, whatever from a garment or piece of furniture. When it's used up, give the oval another turn, and you have a new clean face of sticky tape, for more pick-up action.

Basically you unwind the roll of tape onto the oval. When the roll is used up, just slide the new bundle of linty tape off the oval, and insert a new roll of tape onto the circle.

lawpoop, Jul 04 2010


       Hey, how come HB won't respect the paragraph break I put in before "My idea..."? I've edited it twice now.
lawpoop, Jul 04 2010

       Sentences that end in the word "pads" can never be separated from those beginning with "My". Obscure Bakery idiosyncrasy.   

       These things are like software "Easter Eggs", and you've just discovered one. Well done.
xenzag, Jul 04 2010


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