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Mole Holes

Dig a hole to happiness
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I do hereby propose that we all live underground, where the sound is drowned out by the thickness of the mound, under which you choose to live, be it under hill, dug trenches or bridge I propose tin boxes called MOLE HOLES... about the size of a lift. Here some may say thats too small and no way... will I live beneath the dirt whilst you take my money and smirk, just to build a MOLE CASTLE far beneath the earth.

But to this I say no, for the council tax will be low, will be warm when it snows and your children wont grow to save some cash on the clothes.

RICKETTS they will cry but to this I will sigh and say sacrifices made for the sake of your moley grave will not be so bad when the funerals arranged. For here is the best, in your MOLE HOLE laid to rest, a big tin coffin, a tomb and no scoffin' for its wizard to be in a MOLE HOLE you see, all you needs is a spade to build a home and a grave, multi purpose by it nature, a tin heaven that occaaaa...sionally needs mould scccrraping and comes with a free pack of bacon.

LIVE IN ONE TODAY. Just £17,000 built (external pee tubes extra)


Bob Loblaw, Sep 01 2006

would this recent idea make this redundant? Underground_20egg_20home_20dome
[po, Sep 01 2006]


       Excellent - if idosyncratic - presentation (particularly "RICKETTS they will cry") but alas, living underground in modular or prefabricated housing is not really a magnificently original notion.
calum, Sep 01 2006

       Welcome to the HB! Break lines by typing //

       Dammit! How do you get it to appear?   

       Type "< br >" but without the spaces or quotes to break lines.
squeak, Sep 01 2006

       Congratulations Bob Loblaw,
You're welcome, I'm sure.
But this mole-hole of tin,
Sounds incredibly thin.
I fear I might hear worms through the floor.

       If only from foam,
You'd invented this home.
I'd bun in three seconds flat,
A foam habitat,
But instead, good fellow, a bone.
zen_tom, Sep 01 2006

       Will it be a nasty damp hole? Or warm and cosy with a round red door with a brass knob right in the center of it?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 01 2006


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