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Motorized Clothing Rack

Motorized Clothing Rack in Attic
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Most bedrooms have a roof above them... ie. 2nd floor Most closets have access to the roof.

Why not install a motorized rack like most dry cleaners use and have it dip into your closet or bathroom?

Most of the track will roll in the attic space that is just dead space for most. The track in the attic can roll inside a plastic covering to protect the clothes and make use of the short roof pitch areas that no person could really use.

Its like gaining a 1000 sq ft closet delivered right to ones dressing area.

Install track, plastic and electric motor. Cut hole in roof and dip down to 3x3 dressing area. Make a nice glass cabinet with a control switch to rotate the rack.

Hell the anally organized can color code and alphabetize their wardrobe. Wives can lock the rack on the specific outfit they want their color blind hubbies to wear.

Relatively low cost for 20x the storage area. No more his side and her side... More room for junk... you can hold on to everything cause someday it will come back in style or you may lose a few lb's to wear it again.

I've never heard of one of these racks being installed in a home like this.

Shapharian, Sep 13 2007

Wardrobe automation http://www.abledata...0705&discontinued=0
[skinflaps, Sep 13 2007]


       just because you've never heard of it, doesn't mean it hasn't been done. still if you can make it affordable, you may have a winner.   

       (wonders whether this is difficult to insulate...)
k_sra, Sep 13 2007

       Obviously some movie star or athlete has one somewhere. I was really thinking of this being offered as a building option by home builders.   

       If your building a custom home you can do what you want but would it not make sense for the builders to offer this as an option?   

       $300 per recessed lite or $2500 for motorized attic closet. Be much easier to do at the time of build. Retrofitting a existing house can be done easily too.   

       Plastic can protect the clothes from dust. fiberglass, rodents etc. picture a 3 x 4 plastic zipper tube renclosing the track. The track itself would be supported by the roof rafters.   

       Don't have a clue about insulation. I suppose the attic would be hot in the summer and cool in the winter.   

       Maybe some kind of blower / dehumidifier..
Shapharian, Sep 13 2007

       Unforunately in my villa this would just dump the clothes on the roof, but for all the pitched-roofed dwellers out there, I bun you [+]
marklar, Sep 13 2007

       I suppose people with first floor masters and a crawl space could install too. Just seems like a good use of dead space to me.
Shapharian, Sep 13 2007

       [marklar], is that a new trend? say you're bunning and then just walk away?
k_sra, Sep 13 2007

       OK... lets do this...   

       Electric motor 1/3 hp.. done. plastic liner... done electric switch... done hole in close... not yet rafter brackets.. home depot Any suggestions for a low cost track than can go up and around?
Shapharian, Sep 13 2007

skinflaps, Sep 13 2007

       Hey how about shooting a seperate track out a dormer from a laundry room for a automated clothes line for that summer fresh smell ;)
Shapharian, Sep 13 2007

       Any links or ideas for a cost effective modular track? Are there better and more versatile hangars?   

       Would a steam unit be worthwhile so your clothes can be freshened upon selection?   

       Maybe a videocam at a bend so you can see the front of the clothes exposed.   

       Any good shoe storage systems that can be hung in this track system?   

       Maybe a video pushbutton organizer so you catalog and select a style and it will just bring you your choices.   

       Maybe the video cam can catalog the position and be voice activated.... :Blue Suit and it retrieves all the items.   

       add the ability to place a barcode laundry tag so the cleaned clothes autocategorize.
Shapharian, Sep 14 2007

       It'd be a little weird, but I like this. Especially how it makes use of the attic space, though that may allow a lot of heat infiltration.   

       Drive it with a chain-drive garage opener. The top chainwheels will have to be special: there can't be an axle at the top where the clothes go "round the horn," so each chainwheel there is held in place by an outboard frame, and the two sides are synchronized by a rigid axle between the chainwheels at the bottom.   

       The mechanicals take up a fair amount of room, so you'd have to have a mountain of clothes and plenty of height to really build on this, to make it worth the trouble.   

       Or just pare the wardrobe down. How many pair of pants can you wear at a time?
elhigh, Oct 04 2007


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