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Mondrian tiles

Because regular tiles are dull
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"Looking at the bathroom floor" (or walls) could be a synonym for "boring," but it's something pretty much everyone has to do sometimes.

To make it less boring while still remaining unobtrusive, someone should make tiles where each tile is a replica of a work of the great Dutch artist of the De Stijl school, Piet Mondrian.

[M.C. Escher's tesselations would probably be popular too.]

Uncle Nutsy, Apr 23 2001

"Diagonal Composition" http://www.artic.ed.../70pc_mondrian.html
Your Uncle Nutsy wants a tile that looks like this. [Uncle Nutsy, Apr 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

"Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue" http://www.tema-usa.com/Rugs/80568.htm
You can get them as rugs... [Uncle Nutsy, Apr 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

De Stijl Bathroom http://www.charlieroe.com/rietbath1.html
... but if you want tiling, you have to do it the hard way. [Uncle Nutsy, Apr 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Bridget Riley http://www.usc.edu/...rary/images/811.jpg
[hippo, Apr 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Uncle, start (or restart) a movement for fine art in prosaic places. Please. I'm behind you all the way.
Dog Ed, Apr 23 2001

       I can just picture Escher's "Concave and Convex" on the floor. Sure to cause a few accidents!
wasraw, Apr 24 2001

       In order to truly represent the 'unity and order of nature' surely the whole wall should look like 'Diagonal Composition' and each tile be merely a small part of the overall pattern? If nothing else, it would certainly make putting them up more of a challenge.

{oops! Sorry Nutsy, I just looked at the third link. Yep, that's what I mean).
DrBob, Apr 24 2001

       What you really want is Mondrian paint. It would recreate the piece on the relevant surface. Then you could cover everything in which ever pattern/painting you liked. Can you imagine every object in a room painted with such paint?..........go on imagine it............ brilliant!
chimpboy, Apr 24 2001

nomz, Apr 24 2001

       Bridget Riley tiles. That would be cool - Agh! My eyes have gone funny!
See link.
hippo, Apr 24 2001

       and i thought having the mona lisa staring back at me while i'm on the toilet was a cool idea! boy was i wrong.
mihali, Apr 24 2001

       I like the actual de stijl bathroom a lot better than I would individual tiles. Why think so small?   

       [Maybe I'm naive, but assembling full-colored tiles in a few sizes according to a pre-set pattern along a frame composed of squares doesn't seem all that expensive or difficult, once you have the pattern. (A pattern and a box of the right tiles might actually be a really cool product to sell in artsy bath interior stores.)   

       I figure the hard parts about tiling are how to glue, how to fill the cracks, how to keep stuff straight, how to cut tiles at the bottom or ceiling. What makes this more difficult with non-regular tile patterns?]
jutta, Apr 25 2001, last modified Apr 26 2001

       I like it better too, but, unless you happen to be a capable tile layer and can do it yourself, it'd be really expensive. A single tile, each replicating the Diagonal Composition, would be within the reach of the average do-it-youselfer.
Uncle Nutsy, Apr 25 2001


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