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overlapping tiling

tiles that overlap
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I've been pondering whether to post this idea for a while. The problem is, it's not really an invention, it's more of a design. What's needed is a halfdesignery <cue everyone to link to various sites that fulfil this role>

So the idea is overlapping tiles. The simplest type of overlapping tiling is shingles on a roof - kind of like this : \\\\\\\

But shingles are boring... I want tiles that overlap and underlap each other. So my design uses square saddle-shaped tiles. Each tile is locked in place because it 'underlaps' two tiles and overlaps two tiles.

This tiling might be impractical as a ground covering, but might make a nice ornamental wall covering.

I've shown two embodiments of the ovelapping tiling: first uses thick tiles with spaces between them. second uses paper-thin tiles with no spaces.

This is kind of similar to a trendy wall covering I've noticed recently which uses overlapping circular tiles (I can't find an example on the internet, but if someone can feel free to link to it). EDIT: I've also posted my own rendering of overlapping circular tiles.

xaviergisz, Sep 19 2006

No grout interlocking tiles http://www.ezytile.com/
[DrCurry, Sep 19 2006]

Close Fitting Interlocking Tiles http://news.thomasn...ullstory/23114/3283
Again, no grout. [DrCurry, Sep 19 2006]

Interlocking Shingles http://www.roofhelp...ocking_shingles.htm
[jhomrighaus, Sep 19 2006]


       No grout lines to clean!? Where do I sign up?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 19 2006

       I think the word you're looking for is "interlocking," and there are plenty of those on the Internet. Then again, a quick search doesn't reveal any that overlap in the way you suggest, so you may well be onto something new.
DrCurry, Sep 19 2006

       Keep this up and I'll be out of a job.   

       : ) Carry on.   

       they have these as solar panels for roofs
costellogroup, Jul 26 2007


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