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Rubbery n rocky maybe...
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I'm in the process of rebuilding a bathroom in my house and felt it necessary to search the halfbakery for some splendid halfbaked ideas. [detly]'s expoliator has inspired me.

Multimaterial tiles are perfect for the shower. Made of a standard porcelain, they are tiled to the wall or floor of your shower as usual. Each has a recess within the surface into which a smaller tile fits snuggly - add a little tile cement to firmly fix your tile insert.

Tile inserts available

Ideal for floor inserts, gently exfoliates feet as you wash. Use in wall tile inserts to scratch your back.

Use in floor tile inserts, to tickle the feet of those so inclined, or for walls as a massager.

Wooden Abacus
Ooo, luxury as a wall tile back massager.

Hollow Plastic Insert
Fill with a liquid soap and fit into a wall tile insert. Push the tile gently to dispense shower gel

The 'L' Insert
Place into a wall insert and create a small shelf. No need to drill.

The 'O' Insert
Place two of these into tiles facing each other. Insert a pole and hang a shower curtain.

The 'Y', 'J' or 'V' Insert
Create a shower hook.

Bored with the existing colours? Change the inserts....

jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2004


       I think I like this.   

       "a smaller tile fits snuggly", how much smaller is it than the, say, 4" square tile? How is it different from just leaving out the regular tile and putting one of these nifty doo-dads instead?   

       Lego? Velcro?
half, Mar 08 2004

       [half] Several sizes of tile and insert are available to provide Sir/Madam with whatever size border around the insert he/she wishes.   

       The inserts could be tiled as they are, but using them as inserts could mean that you could swap them as and when the mood takes you.
jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2004

       That's what I thought, but was having trouble reconciling that with "add a little tile cement to firmly fix your tile insert."
half, Mar 08 2004

       ... just to hold 'em in....
jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2004

       You could have inserts with waterproof clocks and radios, or even some sort of weird combination of the two.
Detly, Mar 23 2004

       You have'm made and I'll install'm fer ya.   

       "Cellular Shower?"
Detly, Mar 24 2004

       watch Dragons' Den right now! This idea appears to have been created. Tsk.
jonthegeologist, Aug 24 2006


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