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Coins of varying denominations linked as armor
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Many ways to pull this off. Drilled coins linked with loops of wire, or lay the coins out in the pattern for the material and lay a grid of wire on it and weld it to the backside of the coins.

Penny Loafers - Penny Striped Suit - Shirt with quarter length quarter sleeves - Dimebag Purse - DimeAnd Gold Necklace - Nickle Cufflinks

Giblet, Jul 17 2007

Google Answers: Defacing US Currency http://answers.goog...hreadview?id=426715
No exemption for pennies that I've heard of, oreo-gamer. [jutta, Jul 17 2007]

The Straight Dope: *fraudulently* important http://www.straight.../mailbag/mcoin.html
[jutta, Jul 17 2007]


       i'm not sure but i think that defacing any coin over a penny is illegal.
oreo-gamer, Jul 17 2007

       Medieval bling.
wagster, Jul 17 2007

       Is it illegal to create fake currency if it is an exact replica but only on one side?
marklar, Jul 18 2007

       Move over the Pearly Kings and Queens, here come the penny people.
skinflaps, Jul 18 2007

       And co-designed by Jack Nickelson.
Giblet, Jul 18 2007

       You could use thrupenny bits to cover your thrupenny bits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2007

       Or standing in front of a payphone looking forlorn, because no loose change.
Giblet, Jul 19 2007


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