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Ned Kellbie

grave helmet
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What with all the anti-zombie devices posted recently, I fear for the well-being of my possible future undead self. So, I'd like to be buried in one of these thick full-face steel helmets.

I haven't studied the definitive George Romero texts myself, but I understand that zombies can only be stopped by head shots, so the obvious precaution if you *are* a zombie is some heavy-duty head protection.

I don't know how zombie eyesight is supposed to work but, in case it is some sense supernatural, I wonder whether the structure could be made stronger by dispensing with eye-holes. You could also reduce the vulnerable mouth-hole a great deal by including among the grave goods a battery-powered food processor and a drinking straw.

pertinax, Dec 28 2008

zombies http://en.wikipedia..._in_popular_culture
[pertinax, Dec 28 2008]

Ned Kelly http://www.proni.go...elly-bushranger.htm
[pertinax, Dec 28 2008]

grave goods http://www.wisegeek...are-grave-goods.htm
[pertinax, Dec 28 2008]

the sort of thing they have to deal with nowadays Undead_20Removal_20Minigun
[pertinax, Dec 28 2008]

Oscar Romero http://en.wikipedia...i/%C3%93scar_Romero
is entirely unrelated. [pertinax, Dec 28 2008]


       Liquidised and straw-fed bun for you! Health and safety is a topic the dead do not seem to take seriously enough
MadnessInMyMethod, Dec 28 2008

       Ubie, we in the Motherland are not completely ignorant of events in the Colonies, and Ned Kelly is well-known here as a hero, and a spirited example of what the human soul is capable of when driven by the internal flames of righteousness.   

       His rendition of "Two Little Boys" often moves me to tears.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2008


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