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Monobrow toupee

Help keep sweat from dripping off the end of your nose
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As everyone knows, the eyebrow evolved in humans (or more correctly, remained with us from when we were monkeys) in order to keep sweat from falling in our eyes and blinding us as we tried to run away from angry predators in Africa. However, for those of us unlucky enough to not have a monobrow, sweat still trickles down and collects on the tip of our nose, falling onto whatever project we're feverishly working on, resulting in smudged ink, ruined stamp collections, etc.

Solution: the monobrow toupee, an adhesive prosthesis designed to match your own eyebrow type and which can be changed quickly and easily.

Alternatively, for a more permanent approach, a "hair club for men" technique could be undertaken and the piece could be woven in with your already-existing eyebrow hair. Finally, for those who are really serious and have money to spend, eyebrow implants would be the ultimate solution.

I realize that many people think monobrows are unattractive. However, beauty is in the eybrow of the beholder. Practical concerns should come first, in my opinion.

ollylama, Oct 08 2003

Fake monobrow is baked... http://www.monobrow...onobro/bro-24.shtml
if only for helping "confront me personal issues" [seedy em, Oct 04 2004]


       all i'd need to do is let my real monobrow grow. as it is now, i've just been shaving that little bit over my nose.   

       but then again, i hate getting sweat in my eyes, in the summer.
-wess, Oct 09 2003

       I think more likely he was taking issue with the idea that we used to be monkeys... Apes! And not those we see today either! :)
bobtherat, Nov 23 2003

       I don't think monkeys have wasteful sweating like humans do. By wasteful I mean sweat that falls off in drops rather than staying on the skin to evaporate and maximally cool.   

       The evolutionary reason for eyebrows is not immediately obvious to me.
bungston, Aug 25 2010


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