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Instant Shower

A revolution in advanced personal hygiene
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Imagine a cellophane tube about the size of a toilet roll holder. Inside are two seperate packages: one is a jumbo-size towlette soaked in perfumed alcohol and water like an airline face wipe, the other a strong absorbant tissue for drying. Perfect for a quick zip over those "moist dark hairy areas". Then just pop it in the bin after and away you go to that crucial meeting or hot date.

Sell it under the same brand as an established shower gel as an "instant shower" in public toilet vending machines.

shameless_self_reference, Sep 06 2002


       "Blip" corrected, gawd you're fast!!!
shameless_self_reference, Sep 06 2002

       what is wrong with wet wipes? my latest craze is cucumber flavour. they are also rather nice for cleaning surfaces like the monitor screen and the dashboard in the car.
po, Sep 06 2002

       I want a car to clean the dashboard of (incase you hadn't noticed I don't have a car and would quite like one).
kaz, Sep 06 2002

       [po] You eat wet wipes?   

       We have some strange people here....
DesertFox, Dec 13 2005


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