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Monster Truck Ambulance

Let them never be stuck in traffic again...
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There is an emergency.
There is much needed urgency.
There is no time to waste.

But it's gridlock at the intersection.
Traffic clogging roads in each direction.
Nowhere for the traffic to be displaced.

The "Waah!" of the siren has no effect.
Time for a method more direct

Above the siren, out blares a cry:
"Move out of the way, you have 20 seconds to comply"

Up revs the engine, the massive wheels start to roll.
12 cars lie between them and their goal.

The first four move pronto, the next 2 follow suit.
The monster truck ambulance doesn't err from its route.

Cars seven and eight dodge out the way.
Cars nine and ten also obey.

The last two drivers jump out their cars.
The Monster Truck Ambulance stubs them out like cigars

When trouble's at hand and people in pain.
The Monster Truck Ambulance saves the day once again.

Jinbish, Dec 23 2008

Kind of like this... http://englishrussia.com/?p=1766
...but BIGGER. [Jinbish, Dec 23 2008]

Non-deafening Emergency Siren Non-deafening_20Emergency_20Siren
My inspiration - "If they can't get out of my way, it's *their problem*!" [Jinbish, Dec 23 2008]

(??) Damn! I just found prior art... http://www44.aniboo...er-truck-ambulance/
[Jinbish, Dec 23 2008]

Prior Art 2 http://uk.gamespot....57626&mode=previews
Of course it was too good to be original... [Jinbish, Dec 23 2008]

Little monster ambulance http://englishrussi...new_ambulance/6.jpg
Maybe [nomocrow, Jun 19 2009]

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       [marked-for-deletion]: Widely known to exist.
{maybe - moderator's call}.
Jinbish, Dec 23 2008

       //Can you do the sirens in verse//
Baked. Homer. (not the Yellow One)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 23 2008

       Sirens in verse? Not quite sure what you mean.
Try to get rhyme for the wail and scream?

       Like: Mee-ah! Mee-ah! Mee-ah! Mee-ah!
Only so much you can do with onomatopœia...

       There are far better poets round here than I,
And I'd be shown up if they were to try.

       Twas only a notion to do this in rhyme.
I'll know better the next time!
Jinbish, Dec 23 2008

       Of course, then you need an ambulance for the people the first one ran over, then you need an ambulance for the ones the second ran over, then ...
MechE, Dec 24 2008

       A Waaaambulence to the people getting run over though.
quantum_flux, Jan 06 2009

       //you have 20 seconds to comply //   

       I like the idea of incorporating Ed-209s into the emergency services, though possibly not as firemen. You wouldn't want to be given a firemen's lift on the top floor of an apartment block and then be carried towards the stairwell...
theleopard, Jun 19 2009

       Where's a Monster Truck Ambulance when you need one?
infidel, Apr 30 2011

       //you have twenty seconds to comply//   

       Puts me in mind of Heinlein's talking bomb: 'I am a monster truck ambulance! I am a monster truck ambulance! You have twenty seconds to get the hell outta my way...
Alterother, May 10 2011

       Another classic.
doctorremulac3, Sep 11 2022


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