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Monthly Disorganizer

For the man with everything, including time.
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This is a gift set for those who wish to make a profound social statement. Recipients might include elitists, the uber-rich, super-privileged trust-fund babies, and heroin-addicted celebs in rehab.

It is essentially a large, decorative wall calendar where the days, months, and even years have been deliberately screwed up beyond all measures of reason. The sister product is a “watch” where the mechanical portion (watch face) has been replaced with a sliver of clear plexiglass.

This product is designed for those who feel compelled to tell the world “I’m so fucking important that I don’t even need to know what year it is.”

Archbishop Furball, Apr 18 2007

Whatever wall clock. http://www.uncommon...em.jsp?itemId=13339
Along the same vein. [jutta, Apr 20 2007]


       Also perfect for those at the bottom of society with nothing to do and no events to schedule or for Buddhists who live in the moment with no concern for the past or future. Of course a Buddhist would find a perfect use for such a device completely unrelated to the one you propose.
nuclear hobo, Apr 18 2007

       These are Widely Available, though not just marketed to the filthy rich.
DrCurry, Apr 18 2007

       I've voted for this one because I'm a very disorganized person who would like to live in the moment, but can't afford the rent.   

       May I suggest, though, that you might have a more pleasant half-baking experience if you put less of this un-mediated anger into your ideas? Otherwise, the people here will just call you a troll and give you fishbones.   

       I'm not a moderator or anything, I'm just trying to help.
pertinax, Apr 19 2007

       This almost sounds like a rant channeled through an idea.
acurafan07, Apr 19 2007

       [+] just for understanding that minimalism is conspicuous consumption.
Ned_Ludd, Apr 19 2007


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