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"If You Ever Feel Like Buying me a Ring" Card

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"If You Ever Feel Like Buying me a Ring" is a business type card with a hole cut in it, which corresponds exactly to one of your finger's ring sizes. Male and female card designs reinforce the message.

This means that buying a ring for someone special can now be a total surprise, without the need for a give away sizing visit to take place.

xenzag, Apr 23 2011

The cure for dripsomnia is a genuine jubilee clip http://www.aviation...Jubilee-1958-1.html
[normzone, Apr 23 2011]


       Could this include a set of blueprints, in case someone ever feels like buying me a house?
Boomershine, Apr 23 2011

       Handing over the card could be fraught with complication. When is it appropriate to do so? Could it be misinterpreted? Might it result in social embarrassment? Could it be mistaken for a hint to propose marriage in the near future? Too much potential awkwardness for little me!
DeniqueCoelum, Apr 23 2011

       //need for a give away sizing visit//   

       jubilee clips
not_morrison_rm, Apr 23 2011

       "If you ever feel like buying me a packet of condoms" card.
rcarty, Apr 23 2011

       I thought it was standard to measure your date's finger while she's sleeping.
phundug, Apr 23 2011

       phun, you're nuts.
blissmiss, Apr 23 2011


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