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Mood Diary

This computer program charts your mood and keeps track of other daily fluctuations
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This computer program, "Mood Diary" would allow the user to enter in one's mood on a 1-10 scale and then over a course of a month see how one's mood had changed as effected by life events such as new housemates moving in, getting a new kitty, or bad weather for a week. You could check when in relation to your menstrual cycle you get moody (during?) and how bad you feel after a fight with a boyfriend. A space would be available for text to enter in each day to keep track of important happenings of a day. Another screen could keep track of which medications the user was taking and if he took them or not, and also goals the user hoped to achieve and whether he had taken steps to reach these goals.
MoodyDeirdre, Jan 29 2004


       Perhaps Franklin Covey would be interested in Palming this one off, if it hasn't already. Ripe for chromatherapeutic connection. Warning label should be added: "Intended for occasional short-term use. Overuse may lead to self-absorption, hyperarousal and a false sense of insight." Yeah, I'd buy it!
andaway, Jan 29 2004

       The counselling profession uses a number of mood monitoring questionnaires to gague the effect of the 'treatment' and a computerised version of this that could be updated frequently and record other outside events that may impinge on mood may be useful. However, if the questionnaire is filled in too frequently, the patient can become overly preoccupied with their mood and not actually make progress.
oneoffdave, Jan 29 2004

       [filled in too frequently, the patient can become overly preoccupied with their mood and not actually make progress]   

       I strive to keep this from being the model for my halfbaking progress.....
normzone, Jan 29 2004

       I am for anything that gets me statistics about myself on graphics. Welcome O Moody Celt! [+]
sidi, Jan 29 2004

       I think journal sites do this -- look at livejournal.com
theircompetitor, Jan 29 2004

       Being an analytical freak, anything to reduce my moods to a statistic would be great! Families and households could link, allowing cross-analysis. IE: I may not have a known menstrual cycle (I hope) but how does that of others influence my mood.
rbl, Jan 29 2004

       I think it would help moody people to know when and why they are moody. I feel that privacy is a good trait when considering features in a journal and that is why I think this program should be based souly on the hard-drive and not online. The mood-chart could then be kept with more personal freedom.
MoodyDeirdre, Jan 30 2004


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