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Moon Lit

It's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht!
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Last night the moon was full and bright, and I had fun taking photographs of things illuminated only by moonlight.

However the moonlight is rather feeble (15 secs exposure to get a decent image at maximum ISO setting on my pocket camera).

For enhanced artistic and aesthetic usefulness I propose a large mirror array which would gather moonlight and focus it all onto my front window. It would be nice if it all was channeled down through a lens so that the beam was as parallel and focused as real moonlight is.

I'd be aiming for a normal daylight level of brightness but this might need rather a large array of mirrors.

Curtains or some other system would be needed to stop my house burning down come morning.

pocmloc, Apr 18 2011

Not a new idea moonlighter
[pocmloc, May 19 2018]


       //Curtains or some other system would be needed to stop my house burning down come morning// Why? They shouldn't be pointing anywhere near the sun's path unless you have had a recent eclipse. Also assuming your mirrors are lunacentric. And thatsa soma spicy meatball Rosalina!
4whom, Apr 18 2011

       I assumed the designer was stupid enough to have the mirrors automatically track the brightest visible object.
pocmloc, Apr 19 2011

       What is it about moonlight that is so appealing?   

       Would that appeal be lost or degraded by increasing it's intensity?   

       Perhaps just wait for Betelgeuse to go supernova.   

       Any time now......   

Twizz, Apr 19 2011

       + for the subtitle. you are so cute!
dentworth, Apr 19 2011

pocmloc, Apr 19 2011


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