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Moral Games

Games that encourage you to behave morally
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The usual shooting game, with the usual suspects, but this time you have to find a way to stop the shooting altogether, without killing anybody, and get the enemy to join you in a cooperative mission of making the game- world a better place for everybody.
pashute, Jan 29 2013

Moral Combat http://www.youtube....watch?v=qzysKZrklvo
Not my idea - but leading to it [pashute, Jan 30 2013]

Moral Combat http://www.youtube....watch?v=Oc_WAqWri9I
Definitely not what I meant [pashute, Jan 30 2013]

It's so terrible its campy fun... http://www.youtube....watch?v=FVvPppPovkM
[RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2013]

Starring Me! http://en.wikipedia...ind:_Eternal_Forces
I knew I'd make it into a video game one day... [RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2013]


       No. No more of the funny show. Little puppets hitting each other. That's what I like...little things...hitting each other.

Napoleon Bonaparte (from 'Time Bandits')
DrBob, Jan 29 2013

       It would never sell. Well I would do it, but others want guns and bloodshed, I fear.
blissmiss, Jan 29 2013

       The //cooperative mission// sounds a bit vague at the moment - in the game would it remain vague and unspecified, or would different levels or scenarios have different amounts of detail, e.g. you are the chair of a community gardens project and you have to try and recruit the baddies to sit on the board as treasurer, etc, source and buy spades and compost from local suppliers, negotiate locations for development, etc. Or on a more grand level, you inherit a small local manufacturing business and you have to try and nurture economic regeneration in the gritty urban area where the game is set.   

       Perhaps there is the possibility of a multiplayer online version where different players are directly responsible for different areas e.g. graffiti and litter cleanup, education and child welfare, public transport infrastructure etc.   

       Perhaps the multiplayer version could be extended and made more competitive by allowing other players to be gang leaders, pimps or drug addicts.
pocmloc, Jan 29 2013

       I like that, pocm.   

       To answer bliss: You get to choose guns and stuff, and the minute you choose a lethal weapon, you hear a voice: na ah! Wrong choice. Your gonna loose the game. Want some advice?   

       Then you get to hear of all kinds of real funny ways a. To get back at the enemy without killing them. b. To understand how you win if they cooperate with you. c. How great you are for using intelligence and your brains instead of brute force.   

       The minute they choose the gun, things start going wrong for the player. The gun gets stuck. The doors won't open. You get notified that your surrounded. But there's always "a door out" by using a cunning trick, and the more its close to getting the enemy to realize that the fight is futile, the better.   

       And following pocm's last option: You take drugs, and start getting things mixed up. You want to go left and the game takes you right. At some point you are assisted with understanding that rehab is your best choice if you want to win the game. Maybe it shows how your nice face starts becoming stupid looking etc. and your beautiful white smile gets nicotine stains.   

       The game also encourages you to rest every once in a while for a few minutes and stretch, or get up and do something. If you are on the "bad track" - the rest doesn't help much, and just when you want to continue, you gotta see a nightmare about yourself. But when your on the "good track" you get to see a dream of some "plans" about your future, in which some key "ideas" are revealed, so that you can use those ideas to win the game - together.   

       Again, all players need to cooperate so that you (and they) become a winner. Something like the picture of the two donkeys tied together. Only if they join forces they get the food.
pashute, Jan 29 2013

       We could all hold up the guns to make a loom and then weave potholders!
xandram, Jan 29 2013

       We could all hold up the guns to make a loom and then weave potholders!
xandram, Jan 29 2013

       A few games, such as those in the Fallout series, awards high acheivement bonuses for completing the game without violence. It is possible to complete Fallout 3 without using a single weapon (save for killing two mutant cockroaches with a bb gun during the tutorial introduction), though I never managed to do it.
Alterother, Jan 29 2013

       >It is possible... ([Alterother])   

       COULD. But would you? MoralComat3 will be fun to win by CHOOSING not to kill or use any sort of violence. In fact it will portray bullying as it really is. And violence. NOT fun at all. Just exasperating.   

       Fallout 3 is a game filled with violence and destruction. At least according to Tod Howard's introduction on youtube - Fallout 3 Gameplay (Game Trailer)   

       "...the mini nuclear bomb catapult, every kid wants one of these under the christmas tree..."   

       "You could be a good guy, a bad guy or anything in between"   

       By good guy he means joining the "correct side" and shooting or hacking the bad guys.   

       And destroying robots and people that you call Turds that when shot behave very similar to people is not the way to go.   

       MoralCombat 3 will have the next generation of generals and special unit commanders thinking and fighting in ways that reduce terror and bloodshed.
pashute, Jan 30 2013

       Hey, just found out that there is somebody who made a video called "Moral Combat" talking about the dangers of video games. But coping with those dangers by calling for a total ban of those games.   

       And the BBC had a program called Moral Combat - NATO at war. The program shows military intervention in the standard violent way, - the video begins with scenes from a jet warplane that look typically like a video game. The program shows how the war only assisted in bringing continued violence to the region. I know the BBC likes to portray these kinds of results, and I'm not agreeing with their stance - which in my opinion brought the Khmer Rouge to power and has done damage in many other places. I do believe that military power is a necessary evil. In today's world.   

       But I'm proposing to change that, by playing a game. A game where in order to win everyone on your side as well as on the enemy side must be working on resolving the conflict.
pashute, Jan 30 2013

       Not really an original idea because these are commonly parodied. For example Rod and Tod in the Simpsons could be seen playing a game about being Good Samaritans.   

       Aside from that I just had a great laugh thinking about an ironic moral game, that's more iroic about being a game than being moral. In such a 'game' players, typically children, learn work ethic and that games are for fools. It would be designed so the least fun and onerous strategy wins, and would have an inordinate number of parts to put together and pieces to pick up afterwards.
rcarty, Jan 30 2013

       Reminds me of 'Super 3D Noah's Ark,' in where they took Wolfenstein 3D and turned it into a game where Noah runs around throwing melons at sheep. Or even this gem... <link>
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2013

       [pashute], everything you say is true, and lobbing mini- nukes all over the landscape is tremendous fun. I was merely pointing out that the pacifist route is possible in some games, and if you're the type of gamer who is interested in achievements andor high scores, the reward is typically quite high.   

       As for myself, after finishing Fallout 3 with a character armed and armored to the teeth, I restarted the game and tried to take the total non-violence route because it sounded like a fun challenge, but no matter how stealthy andor diplomatic I was, I couldn't seem to avoid being attacked and having to defend my character with violence (which didn't work very well, because that character was geared for stealth and diplomacy and carried no weapons).
Alterother, Jan 30 2013


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