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Mind Controlled Rhythm Game

Use brain wave analizer as a video game controller
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Use an electrode-laden helmet to detect brain-activity and graphically project it on the screen. Build a game around that which is similar to Guitar Hero or DDR.

Eventually, subliminal messages could be injected into the game, and the most receptive brain-pattern be used to get a high-score so that the person will become more suceptible to subversion...

jong-scx, Sep 05 2006

A much cooler application for mind rhythm... what have you. http://www.neuroson...h/bgm-kurzweil.html
[daseva, Sep 05 2006]


       Biofeedback computer games exist. They're usually of the "make this balloon float up in the air" variety, though, pretty easy. It takes a while to change your brain waves, so quick reactions are out of the question. It's still fun to learn to move a part of your body that you didn't know you could deliberately move!   

       (-) for the *use* unnecessary and technically bogus *a* introduction of "subliminal messages" *spellchecker* into an invention that has nothing to do with them.
jutta, Sep 05 2006

       To be fair, [jutta], I think the main point of the idea is the subliminal messaging, and the biofeedback game is a novel way of delivering it.   

       However, I think the idea does need more explanation of how the messages are delivered, and (perhaps more difficult) how receptivity is going to be detected or measured.
pertinax, Sep 05 2006


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